5 Scholarships for Developmental Psychology

scholarships for developmental psychology

Developmental Psychology Scholarships

  • Division 53 Student Achievement Award
  • Rudolf Arnheim Award for Outstanding Achievement in Psychology and the Arts
  • Kenneth B. and Mamie P. Clark Fund
  • Lizette Peterson-Homer Injury Prevention Grant
  • Grawemeyer Award in Psychology

The field of psychology is growing – and rapidly. Psychologists are employed in every sector, from public to private and non-profit to corporate. The field of psychology informs many others, from educational policy to best practices in the workplace, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While developmental psychologists formerly worked almost entirely with children, developmental psychology is actively applied to every stage of life, from infancy to geriatrics. Developmental psychologists are employed at public and private schools, universities, corporate headquarters, nursing homes, and senior centers. The developmental psychology specialization can be one of the most lucrative in psychology, especially for psychology students who complete advanced degrees.

Division 53 Student Achievement Award

Division 53 is the American Psychological Association’s division for the specialization of child and adolescent psychology. Annually awarded to one undergraduate student and two graduate students, the scholarship award totals $1,000 and is given to psychology majors who have contributed to the body of these fields with research, community work, instruction or mentorship. The deadline is May 30th.

Rudolf Arnheim Award for Outstanding Achievement in Psychology and the Arts

The Rudolf Arnheim Award for Outstanding Achievement in Psychology and the Arts grants scholarship awards to psychology majors who have merged their discipline with performing or visual arts. Developmental psychology majors who have utilized the arts in their research or preprofessional practice, especially those interested in combining arts therapies with later professional practice, may benefit from this scholarship. The award amount is variable, and the deadline is December 9th.

Kenneth B. and Mamie P. Clark Fund

This grant in the amount of $10,000 is awarded to psychology students and psychologists who are interested in exploring the link between identity and education in children ages five through thirteen. The goal of the grant is to expand the understanding of children’s identities and academic achievement, and subsequently developmental psychology majors who are intending to work in public or private schools with children are encouraged to apply.

Featured Programs

Lizette Peterson-Homer Injury Prevention Grant

This research grant is given to candidates who are researching, or are intent on researching, the prevention of injury by self mutilation, violence, and suicide in children and adolescents. Developmental psychologists and students who are interested in specializing in traumatized or mentally ill patients, particularly children and adolescents, are encouraged to apply. The grant totals five thousand dollars.

Grawemeyer Award in Psychology

By far one of the most generous scholarship awards in the entire field, Grawemeyer Award in Psychology is a more generalized scholarship intended to honor and implement innovative and highly creative ideas that may impact psychology as a whole. At minimum a grant award of $100,000, the scholarship celebrates truly original ideas in psychology, especially ones that may positively impact the lives of future patients. The grant is large enough that it could quite possibly pay for the entirety of a student’s undergraduate and graduate degrees. The deadline for this award is February 28th.


Each of these scholarships is available to developmental psychology students as well as practicing professionals in the field. For students who are dedicated to their field of study, each of these scholarships presents ample opportunity not only to complete their studies, but may open doors to study and research funding in the future.

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