5 Jobs With a Degree in Developmental Psychology

developmental psychology jobs

Developmental Psychology Jobs

  • Developmental Psychologists
  • School Psychologists
  • Behavioral Therapists
  • Early Childhood Education Specialists
  • Residential Youth Treatment Specialists

Jobs available to graduates with a degree in developmental psych. are many and varied. Graduates seeking a career in this field can work with people of all ages and in a large variety of work settings. While the possibilities are quite numerous, the five jobs described below are some of the most popular career choices for developmental psychology grads today.

Developmental Psychologists

One of the most popular jobs for graduates with a degree in developmental psych. is that of a developmental psychologist. Developmental psychologists can be found working in many different work environments including private practices, research facilities, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric hospitals, and assisted living facilities. They can treat people of all different ages using treatment plans based mainly on patients’ unique life stages. Those who choose to work in research often focus on a particular issue experienced by one sector of the overall population.

School Psychologists

Another terrific job that is available to persons with a degree in developmental psychology is a school psychologist. School psychologists are employed by educational facilities of all levels to assess and counsel children and young adults who may be experiencing a variety of psychological issues. These issues can range from mere behavior disorders to more severe problems such as depression or bi-polar disorder. In the case of serious issues, it is the responsibility of school psychologists to discuss these issues with parents and offer referrals as necessary.

Behavioral Therapists

Sometimes referred to as behavioral disorder counselors, behavioral therapists help clients overcome various emotional and psychological issues by altering their behavior. Common issues that behavioral therapists help clients overcome include anxiety disorders, anger management problems, phobias, various addictions, and mood disorders. These careers are currently in moderate demand, and according to the United States Department of Labor, positions in this field are expected to grow at a rate of about 23 percent until the year 2026.

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Early Childhood Education Specialists

Graduates with a developmental psychology degree can also choose to secure positions as early childhood education specialists. These professionals are employed by both private and public childcare facilities, preschools, and kindergartens. While early childhood education workers typically work directly with children, specialists are most often involved in administrative duties. This commonly entails such things as discussing behavioral issues with parents, counseling students with behavior disorders, and designing programs to meet the developmental needs of students.

Residential Youth Treatment Specialists

A developmental psychology degree can qualify graduates for positions as residential youth treatment specialists as well. Grads who choose this career path work in residential treatment facilities designed to help young persons overcome such issues as drug addiction, alcoholism, abuse, homelessness, and various behavioral and emotional disorders. Common responsibilities of these experts often include assessing residents’ situations, counseling residents, designing treatment plans, monitoring residents’ progress, and creating programs aimed at helping residents.


Developmental psychology is an intriguing field that offers such great benefits as excellent wages, flexibility, and room for advancement. And for graduates with a degree in developmental psychology, there are many terrific jobs to choose from, including those described above.

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