5 Internship Opportunities in Developmental Psychology

developmental psychology internships

Developmental Psychology Internship Opportunities

  • School Psychology
  • Research and Teaching Assistant
  • Private Practice
  • Public Behavioral Health Clinic
  • Community Youth Program

Most successful developmental psychologists will attest that they truly began their careers before they even graduated their degree programs. This is because completing internships is a key step towards entering the workforce. Internships provide the resume experience and introduce students to the professional networks needed to stand out when it comes time to apply for jobs. Here are five internship opportunities to consider within the field of developmental psychology.

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School Psychology

This field largely concerns child and adolescent growth and change, both within the individual and within systems. School psychology is, therefore, a common route taken by developmental psychology majors. If this is something that has sparked your interest, consider applying for internships with school districts. Interns will have the opportunity to assist school psychologists in all of their daily activities and will also build valuable connections with the school district which could form the path to future employment.

Research and Teaching Assistant

If the individual likes education but prefers older students and the collegiate setting, one should consider applying for research and teaching assistant positions. These are great options for students who enjoy investigating gaps in the literature, discovering new information, and informing others about developmental psychology and how to best apply it in practice. This is a great option for students hoping to move on to graduate school and pursue careers in higher education.

Private Practice

On the other end of the spectrum is private practice. If the student wants to work in the thick of the action, helping a wide variety of clients overcome a wide variety of developmental issues, an internship in the private practice may be fitting. Find a licensed developmental psychologist in need of an intern. Sometimes it takes a little convincing for a licensed developmental psychologist to realize how valuable an intern could be. The intern will be compensated with individualized training, experience, and responsibility. Forbes published an excellent article on persuading and convincing others that might help in the quest to convince a private practitioner that having an intern will be an asset to the practice.

Public Behavioral Health Clinic

If you like the idea of being a practitioner but wish to work in a more communal setting, internships at public behavioral health clinics are plentiful. These organizations have little funding and many clients, so they often hand great responsibilities to their interns. Interns will gain exposure to a wide variety of developmental issues, including some of the most challenging, and will gain experience working with clients of all ages. Interns will also make many valuable connections with public health professionals.

Community Youth Programs

For those who like the idea of helping the people in the community who need it most, they will want to focus your career on children and adolescents. Community youth programs are always looking for interns. Similar to the public clinics, interns in these settings enjoy many hands-on responsibilities. They will also have the pleasure of knowing you have contributed positively and meaningfully to the psychological development of kids and teens in need.


Whether the developmental psychology student enjoys the bustling energy of a classroom, the intimacy of a therapy office, the buzzing intellect of the research lab, or the action of being out in the community, there is an internship setting that will meet each students needs. They each cater to a particular interest, skill set, and working style. Developmental psychology internship opportunities all offer a valuable experience that will set you up for success in your future career.

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