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What Can I Do with a Master’s Degree in Psychology?

A student who is thinking about pursuing a master’s degree in psychology naturally wants to learn about the various careers that are available in this field. Individuals with a master’s degree in psychology have lots of avenues open to them. The main role of a psychologist is to help children, teenagers or adults cope with their mental or emotional issues. The experience and training of a person with this level of education can benefit people with a variety of backgrounds. There are also several fields of psychology that require workers to have a master’s degree. Here are a few examples of the occupations open to a person with a master’s degree in psychology.

A School Psychologist

A person with a master’s degree in psychology is qualified to work as a school psychologist. This is an individual who counsels school-aged children who are dealing with social, emotional or behavioral issues. A school psychologist is able to work in a public school or a private school environment. The person can choose to work with elementary school children through high school age students. Along with the student, a school psychologist works with the student’s parents/guardian and even a social worker in an effort to help the student with his or her challenges. A school psychologist is available to any student who is having trouble coping with school, home life or other types of issues.

A Forensic Psychologist

An individual with a master’s degree in psychology may want to look into the field of forensic psychology. A forensic psychologist works in the realm of criminal law. The person uses his or her training and knowledge to delve into the motivations behind a criminal’s actions. This can be helpful to attorneys in a criminal trial. Alternatively, a forensic psychologist may help to investigate a child abuse claim. The person would work with the child to try and figure out the extent of the abuse, whether it is emotional or physical. In addition, a forensic psychologist sometimes works with children who have witnessed crimes and must testify in court. These professionals are often seen working in the field of family law. This is an ideal field for a person with a master’s degree in psychology who has an interest in criminal law as well.

A Rehabilitation Counselor

A student with a master’s degree in psychology may be interested in the occupation of rehabilitation counselor. A person in this occupation helps people with emotional and/or physical disabilities to live on their own with little assistance. The person counsels a patient on how to accomplish life’s daily tasks and deal with the issues that come with having a job. A rehabilitation counselor is a partner in a person’s journey to overcome emotional and/or physical issues and live a life he or she can be proud of.

A person who earns a master’s degree in psychology has several options of who they want to work with and in what capacity. This is appealing to many psychology students who like to have lots of options when it comes to a future career.