5 Blogs for Industrial-Organizational Psychology Professionals

industrial organizational psychology

I-O Blogs for Psychologists and Other Professionals

  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • The Alliance for Organizational Psychology
  • Society for Organizational Learning
  • I/O at Work
  • Institute of Organization Development

For those who work with personnel or organizations to find the best ways for the workplace to be productive, industrial-organizational psychology blogs are a great way to stay current. They will give I-O professionals information to keep them informed on all that’s happening in their field. As workplaces change, the psychology that impacts workers will also change. It’s important to understand the changes.

1. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

This blog has information for the beginner in the field as well as those who have been working with organizations for years. Students can find internships while others can find job listings as well as awards and grants. The blog is an extension of the organization and exists for members of the website. There are webinars, continuing education and professional development programs available through membership on the website too.

2. The Alliance for Organizational Psychology

The AOP is a joint effort to bring American and European I-O networks together. There are listings for local groups that can help professionals in their area of the world. They publish white papers and blog posts regarding the world of I-O as well as how the organization works with the UN. It’s a fantastic place to find a mentor as well as staying current with resources to help professionals.

3. Society for Organizational Learning

The Society for Organizational Learning is a group that connects groups and professionals who are connected to I-O psychology and learning. The blog provides information along with podcasts focused on how professionals and psychologists work with employees and companies to inspire and educate. The SOL has workshops and webinars for those who are focused on the learning and teaching aspects of the field.

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4. I/O at Work

The I/O at Work blog is used specifically to bring research to those who work in human resources or psychologists who are interested in the science behind I-O psychology. It’s meant to be a bridge between the research itself and how it applies to personnel in the real world. The blog takes all the research available out there and pulls it into one place, so anyone interested can keep up without spending hours scouring the Internet.

5. Institute of Organization Development

The Institute of Organizational Development website was developed in 2002 when Dr. Nancy Zentis wanted to expand her influence to help those who help organizations grow. The blog provides information and educational services for people who work with businesses. There are webinars, certification courses and classrooms around the world. The blog is a terrific place for consultants to stay current and certified.

These industrial-organizational psychology blogs are meant to provide information on current changes, news and education in the world of I-O psychology. They are perfect for professionals in psychology as well as those in the world of human resources and productivity management.

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