5 Podcasts for Industrial Psychologists

podcasts for industrial psychologists

Industrial Psychology Podcasts

  • The SIOP Conversation Series
  • The Team Coaching Zone Podcast
  • Phenessa Empowers
  • The Innovation Show
  • Department 12

Industrial psychology is a field of emerging popularity and increasing importance. As workplace relationships and well being becomes more complex, industrial psychologists play a bigger role in helping companies and organizations navigate these areas. Regularly tuning into podcasts for industrial psychologist such as these five is an enjoyable way to stay on top of the latest developments in the field.

1. The SIOP Podcast

Most successful industrial psychologists are already members of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). This professional organization provides a wide variety of career development, continuing education, and networking opportunities. It also features the SIOP Conversation Series. These episodes transform much of the cutting edge research and discussion in the field into an audible format. This podcast is a great resource for industrial psychologists to find out more about special topics and catch up on the latest news in the field while on the go.

2. The Team Coaching Zone Podcast

The main job of industrial psychologists is to make companies and organizations stronger by improving employee experiences and relationships. They accomplish this through by facilitating training initiatives and collaborating with human resources professionals. Hosted by creator Dr. Krister Lowe, the Team Coaching Zone Podcast provides fellow industrial and organizational psychologists with a plethora of information about the latest trends in coaching as well as testimonials from other professionals in the field.

3. Phenessa Empowers

A day in the life of an industrial psychologist often includes confrontations and difficult conversations. It is easy to take this personally and let it get you down. Dr. Phenessa, of Phenessa Empowers LLC, is a social and emotional intelligence coach who seeks to help others be their truest selves and feel great about it. In her podcast, she fuses her teachings on social and emotional intelligence with industrial-organizational psychology principles and expressive art techniques. This is a great podcast for bouncing back at the end of a rough day or gaining confidence heading into a difficult situation.

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4. The Innovation Show

One of the essential skills of industrial psychology is the ability to think on your feet to come up with quick solutions to complex problems. No two days are the same for an industrial psychologist. For a spark of inspiration, tune into The Innovation Show. This features weekly interviews of renowned leaders and innovators who are willing to share their tips and tricks of the trade.

5. Department 12

Those seeking an unfiltered commentary on industrial and organizational psychology will enjoy Department 12. This podcast features weekly guest appearances by leaders in the field dissecting and analyzing the latest research and practices in the field. This is the perfect way to gain exposure to authentic thoughts, reactions, and constructive criticisms of information that is often taken for granted. Listening to this podcast is one way to hone the attention to detail and critical thinking skills essential to success in the field.


Each of these podcasts for industrial psychologists offers a unique focus on the field. They all offer a convenient way to engage in professional development. Some episodes will leave you on the edge of your seat, others will make you laugh, and still, others will blow your mind. All will leave you a little bit more of an expert in industrial psychology.

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