Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree

online industrial organizational psychology degree

Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree programs prepare students to study how individuals behave in businesses and organizations. With this knowledge, companies can determine problems related to their workers and find means to improve their performance.

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With an Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree, students also learn how to recruit, choose and maintain high-quality employees. They are taught how to identify the need for training and development. They are prepared to develop, implement and take charge of employee and company programs. Analyzing a business’s effectiveness is another important duty that an industrial-organizational psychologist will handle.

Common courses offered in the Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree program are organizational psychology, succession planning, measurement theory, and competency modeling. Generally, Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree programs place more emphasis on statistics, measurement and research design. Becoming an industrial-organizational psychology professional is a great career option for individuals who want to understand how employees behave at work.

Unlike individuals who enroll in other kinds of  online Master’s in Psychology Degree programs, there is no need for industrial-organizational psychologists to obtain a license in order to practice. This means graduates can immediately use their learning after completing the Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree. Basically, students have to take a general psychology degree and proceed to a master’s degree with a specialization in industrial-organizational psychology. Getting the degree online is the most convenient option for those who are interested. With this method of learning, they can work and study at the same time. Typically, these Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree programs will require a capstone. This includes a practicum and skills development.

How to Find the Top Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree Programs

When considering a degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, it is helpful to do some research about schools that offer the best industrial organizational psychology degree programs.

Among the top schools offering the Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree is Colorado State University. The master’s in applied industrial-organizational psychology requires applicants to have solid GRE scores and a bachelor’s degree. Colorado State University boasts a high-quality education and sophisticated means to deliver it.

Kansas State University also offers an online Master’s of Science in psychology with a concentration in industrial-organizational psychology. The program emphasizes the use of behavioral science methods that can motivate change in employee behavior, boost their performance using the right technology, implement training and evaluate program outcomes.

Another school that offers a Master’s of Science in psychology with an industrial-organization psychology specialization is Grand Canyon University. The school has a high recommendation rate that is brought about by its discussion boards and virtual classrooms. It is regionally accredited. The school is also consistently one of the best online industrial organizational degree programs.

Online students in these top ranking universities may apply for financial aid such as Federal Pell Grants, Federal Stafford Student Loans and Federal PLUS Loans. There are also other private financing options available that students may apply for.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals With an Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree

There are numerous online industrial organizational psychology degree careers waiting for graduates. In fact, both governments and private facilities hire these types of professionals. Graduates with a master’s degree can work as a senior organization development advisor, organizational effectiveness director, test and measurement specialist, trainer, HR organizational development specialist, talent management specialist and manager, evaluation and assessment analyst and manager and workforce insights analyst and manager. Those who finish a master’s or doctoral Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree may become senior research consultants, professors, research analysts, HR practice managers, selection systems managers and behavioral analysts.

Online industrial organizational psychology salaries are higher than those in other fields of psychology. According to the BLS, The middle 50 percent earn from $54,100 to $115,720. Their median annual salary is about $77,010. Individuals who hold an Online Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree at the doctoral level are among the top earners.

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