What Degrees Are Available for Industrial Psychologists?

Industrial psychology encompasses a broad range of study and opportunities for specialization and available degrees and certificates are plenteous. There are certifications for students who may be more interested in specializing in personnel and hiring or leadership.

Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a psychology-centered specialty. It is primarily concerned with the causes of behavior. This degree studies biological and social impacts on individual behavior. The behavioral foundations of personal behavior are also a focus in this area of study.

Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology covers a wide range of the field of study, and it is predicted to grow by over 50 percent by 2022. Its major focus is on the total well-being of employees in an industrial environment. This degree addresses ways to increase worker production and performance while training those to create worker assessments and other tools for placing workers where they can be most productive.

The Master of Science degree also develops training programs and strategies for bettering the overall industrial experience. It studies the role of technology, how it affects people and the implementation of technology that workers will respond to positively. Statistics and research are also components of this certification as well as other aspects of science too numerous to cover here.

Graduate Certificate in Industrial Organization Psychology

Among degrees for industrial psychologists, organization is most prominent since the field of study addresses the organization of industry. This certificate is for students who wish to focus on such issues as employee retention or consistency of worker productivity. Other areas of emphasis are discrimination and workplace diversity.

Featured Programs

Certification in Personnel and Industrial Psychology

This certification features a split curriculum of around 30 hours of core courses and about that many hours spent in the specific area of choice. This certification is personnel-focused. It covers all aspects of industrial personnel management including hiring, training, retention and maximizing performance.

Certification in Holistic Leadership

The certification in holistic leadership is for students who wish to study how to lead individuals, groups and whole organizations through personal challenges and times of change. The term, holistic, implies whole or entire. This program takes into account every aspect of the total individual. Students will study how to use interpersonal skills, organizational learning and systems thinking. They also study the impact on the mental, emotional, physical and social aspects of individuals. Critical thinking, retrospective analysis and inquiry are part of the holistic approach in the process of developing and implementing effective leadership strategies.

According to PsychologistLicense.com, industrial psychology is a burgeoning field of study. the Industry long ago realized that people are the essential key for the industry to thrive. Those with foresight understood that the best route to maximizing industry potential was to invest in the employees upon whom that industry relies. This brief overview reflects that focus and commitment. It is evident industry is entering a whole, new and much healthier era for the employee.

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