5 Top Paying Careers in Industrial Psychology

top paying careers in industrial psychology

Lucrative Careers in Industrial Psychology

  • Talent Management Specialists
  • Industrial Behavior Analysts
  • Employee Relations Specialists
  • Consumer Psychologists
  • Organizational Psychology Researchers

Graduates looking for top paying careers in industrial psychology will find that they have many options to choose from. Industrial psychologists are needed in many areas of business from human resources and labor relations to customer service and marketing. Five of the most popular and best-paying career options for industrial psychology graduates are described below.

Talent Management Specialists

Graduates looking for top paying careers in industrial psychology may want to consider obtaining a position as a talent management specialist. The main goals of these professionals are to attract, train, and retain talented employees for organizations. Common tasks that talent management specialists are responsible for often include assisting human resources with hiring programs, designing and implementing orientation and training programs, conducting employee evaluations and assessments, developing succession plans, and measuring the effectiveness of employee training programs.

Industrial Behavior Analysts

Another great paying career for industrial psychology grads is that of an industrial behavior analyst. The main responsibilities of industrial behavior analysts are to study deviant behavior commonly exhibited by employees and develop effective plans to change that behavior. Depending on their particular employers, these professionals may study large groups of employees, individual employees, or a combination of groups and individuals. In addition to creating plans to change deviant behavior, behavior analysts may also be required to counsel problematic employees, educate supervisors and managers on proper labor relations, and recommend environmental changes that may be negatively affecting employee behavior.

Employee Relations Specialists

One of the most popular careers for industrial psychology majors involves employee relations. It is the responsibility of employee relations specialists to ensure that employees and employers maintain positive working relationships. This typically entails a variety of tasks including handling employee complaints, resolving workplace conflicts, and responding to policy violations. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a bachelor’s degree is typically the minimum requirement for these positions, and the average salary for these professionals in 2021 was $77,010.

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Consumer Psychologists

Consumer psychologists are also among the top paying careers in industrial psychology. Consumer psychologists study consumer behavior to help organizations determine current purchasing preferences and trends. Their expert insight helps businesses market their products and services effectively to their targeted audiences. Persons who choose this occupation are responsible for a broad range of important tasks including analyzing consumer data, conducting focus groups and interviews with targeted consumers, and presenting their findings to top executives and marketing teams.

Organizational Psychology Researchers

Becoming an organizational psychology researcher is also among the best paying careers today in industrial psychology. These professionals typically work for marketing research companies, large organizations, or universities. Their work may vary widely depending on their employers’ current needs, but their main goal is to research such things as employee behavior, consumer behavior, and labor relations. Results of their findings are valuable to many areas of business including human resources, management, labor relations, customer service, and marketing.


Industrial psychology is a highly flexible field that offers a broad range of career options. Fr those people who are looking for top paying careers in industrial psychology, the five careers discussed above are among the most popular today.

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