5 Blogs About Marriage and Family Therapy

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Marriage and Family Therapy Blogs

• The Family Therapy Blog

• The Kid Counselor

• Long Island Marriage Counseling

• Foundations Family Counseling Blog

• Marriage and Family Therapy Blog

Many people are unsure about what takes place in relationship counseling, but blogs about marriage and family therapy can be a great place to start learning. For therapists, families or even individuals interested in learning more about counseling as a profession, these five blogs can be an introduction or an opportunity to continue developing relationship skills.

1. The Family Therapy Blog

This blog is written by family therapists, for family therapists. For practitioners looking for community and inspiration, this site provides a variety of perspectives and topics that keep readers connected. Recent posts of note include sneak peeks into why clients like home-based sessions, how working in marriage counseling might affect a therapist’s own marriage, and ways to get the most out of brief sessions.

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2. The Kid Counselor

Dr. Brenna Hicks has been blogging about kids for almost 15 years. In that time, she’s built a huge repository of up to date information and strategies for every issue parents might worry about. Her posts draw from real families she sees in her private practice and the Play Therapy principles she uses to help them meet their counseling goals. Unlike some blogs that focus on only toddlers or teens, her posts run the gamut of ages and stages, making this a blog parents can follow as their child grows.

3. Long Island Marriage Counseling

U.S. News and World Report asserts that financial concerns are one of the biggest barriers preventing couples from seeking therapy. Long Island Marriage Counseling blog can help readers see the value for their money or even get some free tips for improving communication at home. Although this blog is written by a resident of Long Island, Dr. Diane Kramer, her posts are useful for any couple who want overviews or introductions to the process of couples therapy. Kramer’s background in marriage counseling and psychology allows her to unpack common therapeutic topics such as dealing with anger, defining a successful marriage on its own terms, and navigating parenting decisions as a team.

4. Foundations Family Counseling

Written by a practicing family psychologist, Jesse Thornton, this blog uses a variety of media- everything from music videos, to personal essays to summaries of scientific research to keep the reader engaged. The content leans heavily educational, with Power Points, lists and overview style writing that introduces readers to the major topics that affect families and couples. Childhood development, seasonal affected disorder, and anxiety are all recent topics that might help answer the question, “should I see a therapist about this issue?”

5. Marriage and Family Therapy Blog

Curated by Phillips Graduate University, this blog is written for an audience of family therapists. Unpacking major therapy methods with case studies and real-life examples, it walks readers through the process of counseling from the point of view of the therapist. Useful references for deeper readings in the primary literature are attached to every post. It also connects to other blogs and writers who are interested in the same topics.

Marriage and family counseling can seem overwhelming for both the families who might need it and therapists working in the field. Although each family, couple, and counselor will be different, blogs about marriage and family therapy that tackle major relationship topics are a great way to learn about what therapy can accomplish. For parents or couples interested in easy to read introductions to therapy and even therapists themselves, these five blogs about marriage & family therapy will be useful resources.

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