5 Reasons to be a Marriage and Family Counselor

reasons to become a marriage and family counselor

Become a Marriage and Family Counselor

  • Resolve Conflicts in Marriage
  • Contact With Many People
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Positive Job Outlook
  • Earn a Stable Living

Marriage and family counseling can be a great career choice for those individuals who want to make a positive impact on others. They work with people from all walks of life, and there are some excellent benefits this career can offer.

Resolve Conflicts in Marriage

This kind of work needs an individual who is compassionate in the want to help others resolve issues in their marriages. Marriage and family counseling can be enjoyable for someone who can listen to problems and develop a plan of action moving forward. Helping others work out conflicts in their marriage can be rewarding, yet a good counselor needs to have patience. Clients will come to a counselor for a multitude of reasons like infidelity, financial issues, or how to parent children. Each circumstance will need the skill set of a qualified counselor to help clients get back to normalcy.

Contact With Many People

Marriage and family counselors can wear many hats. The counselors don’t necessarily only work with married couples as they can also work with same-sex partners, singles, or those looking to tie the knot soon. The different people the counselor gets to work with throughout their career can give them a fresh perspective of others. It isn’t uncommon for a marriage and family counselor to work with individuals who have been divorced or undergone other difficult circumstances.

Be Your Boss

Getting the necessary training for marriage and family counseling can open the doors fo flexibility of how and when to work. Some individuals will work in mental health facilities, hospitals, or other similar locations. However, many counselors will opt to open a practice of their own. Clients can then travel to the office of the counselor or have a home visit. Nontraditional hours may be required to meet the needs of the clients who have work obligations. Someone who can have the self-discipline to be in charge of their daily life will succeed in this role.

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Positive Job Outlook

Someone who might be considering marriage and family counseling should have a better than average chance of landing a job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth is expected to grow more than 20 percent in the next decade. The outlook for this career is higher than many other occupations, so someone can feel good about job security for years to come. Accredited schools do offer online study programs to help meet the demands of this growing field.

Earn a Stable Living

While the intrinsic rewards for this career are appealing, this rewarding career also offers a decent income. The top ten percent can earn more than $75,000 per year, but the median salary hovers around $50,000, according to Forbes. Marriage and family counselors provide meaningful services to individuals who rely on them. People can feel confident about choosing this career. It pays comparably to other similar jobs.


Marriage and family counseling is an excellent career for patient individuals who want to make a difference. The job outlook is expanding, and many who choose to enter this field will find long-lasting satisfaction.

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