5 Podcasts on Marriage and Family Counseling

podcasts about marriage and family counseling

Notable Marriage and Family Counseling Podcasts

  • The Couple Therapist Couch
  • Marriage Therapy Radio
  • Marriage Talk Podcast
  • Building Relationships
  • How to Stay Married

Marriage and family counseling represent some of the most frequent types of therapeutic programs sought in the United States. A considerable percentage of counselors and therapists practice in the marriage and family counseling arena. With these facts in mind, there are some marriage and family counseling podcasts that prove particularly helpful to counselors and clients or patients alike.

1. The Couples Therapist Couch

Expert advice is the order of the day on The Couples Therapist Couch. The podcast runs weekly and is hosted by licensed marriage and family therapist Shane Birkel. Each week, The Couples Therapist Couch features an in-depth discussion with an expert in the field of couple therapy and counseling. Discussions focus on all aspects of the marriage relationship.

2. Marriage Therapy Radio

Marriage Therapy Radio provides listeners with very candid discussions of a wide range of issues arising out of married life. These include such things as sex, money, and divorce. The podcast is designed not only for people experiencing problems in their marriages but also for individuals in pretty good matrimonial situations who want to improve their relationships. The podcast features therapists Zach Brittle and Laura Heck who are committed to straight talk in all their broadcasts.

3. Marriage Talk Podcast

Marriage Talk Podcast is presented on a weekly basis. This is a self-described faith-centered podcast that strives to provide advice and insight to married couples. The ultimate objective of the podcast is to help married couples to enjoy happier and healthier lives. Marriage Talk Podcast focuses on a number of primary issues that include emotional intimacy, healthy communication, repairing broken trust, family dynamics, and others.

4. Building Relationships

Building Relationships is a weekly podcast that runs about an hour. The podcast intends to offer what is described as life-changing insights coupled with realistic advice. The Building Relationship podcast is hosted by bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman together with Chris Fabry and Andrea Fabry. The team behind Building Relationships strives to provide useful, practical assistance for married couples.

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5. How to Stay Married (So Far)

Another well-regarded podcast on marriage and family counseling is How to Stay Married (So Far). This podcast features television personality Nadia Sawalha and her husband Mark Adderley. Marriages can be difficult to sustain, according to Psychology Today. Each podcast, the couple takes listeners on a journey that takes on the myriad of ups and downs associated with married life. The podcast takes on tough issues like addiction, rehab and treatment, parenthood, and other matters.


These marriage and family counseling podcasts provide useful portals through which professionals and clients alike can garner useful information and insight. Through this healthy exchange of ideas, professionals and married couples can obtain useful strategies to address even some of the more complicated, complex matrimonial matters.

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