Is Marriage and Family Counseling a Fulfilling Career Option?

is marriage family counselor a fulfilling job

Aspiring counselors may be wondering if marriage and family counseling a fulfilling career option. For the right person, it certainly can be. Counseling can be one of the most fulfilling careers available. Here are the ways it is and a few other important factors to consider.

Helping People Who Need It

Most counselors are drawn to the profession because they wish to support people in need. Since that is the core of being a marriage and family counselor, this career is innately fulfilling. Marriage and family counselors work with people to help solve their domestic issues and manage their relationships. Couples may come to them seeking help to work through problems in their marriage, while children and parents who are struggling to get along may also seek help. These counselors work to support people through difficult times, such as during a divorce, where they offer families the tools, therapy and resources they need to move on in their lives. Counselors who work in this field get to help mend relationships between couples and family members and often derive significant satisfaction from the work they do.

Personal Fulfillment

In addition to obtaining fulfillment from helping others lead richer lives with their families, marriage and family counselors can also learn a lot about themselves too. Like teachers, these counselors learn from the people they work with as much as their clients learn from them. Although it can be difficult at times to listen to one’s advice, doing so can be a useful skill. Marriage and family counselors can discover new things about their own lives, feelings and relationships through their interactions with their clients. This makes this career not only an externally fulfilling role but an internally fulfilling one as well.

The Challenges Of This Role

This career option is very fulfilling, but it comes with unique challenges aspiring counselors need to be ready to handle if they are to be successful. Working with hurting, upset, stressed people all the time can take its toll on any counselor. Marriage and family counselors need to develop stress-reduction techniques and practice exquisite self-care. The very empathy that makes them very good at this job also makes it more likely the job will start affecting them negatively. There are plenty of tools and resources available from professional counseling associations and healthcare groups that can help counselors overcome these challenges.

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Learning New Techniques Is Fulfilling

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes, marriage and family counselors use many different tools, techniques and approaches to help their clients. Understanding human psychology and relationship dynamics continues to grow and change as more is learned about how the brain functions. New techniques and theories that can be used by counselors are put out with relative frequency. It can be an incredibly fulfilling part of this job to research new findings, try them out on clients and watch these new ideas be more effective than previous ones. Some marriage and family counselors may even make incredible discoveries of their own.

Concluding Thoughts

Marriage and family counseling is just one area in which counselors can choose to work. For those wondering is marriage and family counseling a fulfilling career option, the answer, based around the very nature of this profession, should be clear.

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