5 TED Talks About Human Behavior

TED talks about human behavior

There have been many pivotal TED Talks about human behavior over the years. These have covered all sorts of topics and hit all sorts of emotional points with many types of people. We discuss five TED Talks about human behavior.

Stefana Broadbent: How The Internet Enables Intimacy

Most have heard the warnings in some form or another: the internet steers people away from personal and more intimate relationships and contact. The premise of this thinking is that with so much technology, meeting in person, being physically together, hand-writing a letter, these types of more personal, person-to-person interactions have become antiquated, and subsequently our relationships and intimacy have as well. In this TED Talk, Stefana Broadbent argues the opposite. Citing examples for her argument, Broadbent insists that the internet has actually brought us together and closed more gaps than we ever knew.

Patrice Thompson: Closing The Gap – A Millennial Proposal For A Happy Multigenerational Workplace

The differences in people from different generations are great. Although we all share some of the same deep desires and necessities, people of differing generations possess different skills, approaches, and values in the pursuit of these wants and needs. Using this concept specifically to the advantage of the work environment is the subject of Patrice Thompson’s TED Talk on creating the optimal, multigenerational workplace. Using the outline of Thompson’s approach, any workplace can greatly succeed in ultimate employee cohesion, across the generations.

Laura Schulz: The Surprisingly Logical Minds Of Babies

Not all TED Talks about human behavior are centered on adults. As it turns out, some of the most fascinating and logical minds actually belong to babies. In this TED Talk, Notable cognitive scientist Laura Schulz explores the behaviors and the surprising mental aptitude of babies. Many of Schulz’s assertions are also reinforced by outside scientific networks.

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Read Montague: What We’re Learning From 5,000 Brains

Read Montague is a behavioral neuroscientist that has been deeply involved in the Roanoke Brain Study. Through the study, he and other scientists hope to see exactly what a “normal” brain looks like and how exactly it functions. Via brain imaging technology, the study has analyzed thousands of brains doing normal, day-to-day things in the hopes of ultimately knowing what the healthy and normal brain looks like. The potential for such identification methods could be priceless in the areas of human behavior, psychiatry, physical ailments to the brain, and more.

Shawn Anchor: The Happy Secret To Better Work

This is definitely one of the more upbeat and optimistic of TED Talks about human behavior. In this presentation, Shawn Anchor provides the gleeful proposition that perhaps work and productivity are dependent on how happy one truly is. Ultimately, he argues, productivity is the product of happiness and is directly proportionate to it. Anchor himself is a renowned psychologist as well as CEO of Good Think Inc., a research and education hub on the effects of positivity on psychology.


From age-relate issues, to optimism and intimacy, there are many aspects of human behavior that we are still learning about. These five TED Talks about human behavior very effectively highlight exactly where we are in our understanding of the human mind and behavior.

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