5 Functions of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology

association for applied sport psychology

AASP Benefits

  • Match Consumers with Consultants
  • Provide Professionals with Resources
  • Get Students Started
  • Conduct and Convey Research
  • Support the Media

Joining and utilizing a professional organization is the best way to gain access to professional resources. From those who are just beginning degree exploration to those who are fully seasoned, to those who are seeking services, anyone in need of applied sports psychology resources should explore these five functions of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

Featured Programs

1. Match Consumers with Consultants

AASP does not discriminate who it helps. They aim to match every consumer with the best consultant for their unique needs. They work with athletes and coaches from professional teams all the way down to the youngest players, and they treat each equally. They provide support for average individuals looking to achieve personal fitness goals, and they even offer services for family and friends of athletes. All consultants are highly trained and certified, and consumers can search for consultants with specialized expertise.

2. Provide Professionals with Resources

Part of the reason AASP feels confident matching consultants with consumers is that it provides many of the professional development resources that make its consultants so great. These resources include conferences and webinars for maintaining up to date knowledge, networking opportunities, job searches, and coaching on all aspects of the job application and interview processes. They even provide resources for the employers seeking to hire consultants.

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3. Get Students Started

The Association AASP is there to support sports psychologists before they even become sports psychologists. They provide special conferences and training for students and even invite students to attend professional events. They provide future students with information about the top undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as services for preparing a winning application. They put information about the field into terms that are easy to understand, so that future and current students can always make informed decisions about how to approach their educational journeys. They provide a lot of the answers to the questions and decisions outlined by the American Psychological Association.

4. Conduct and Convey Research

AASP helps students, professionals, and consumers stay in the know through its research publications. These publications reflect the pressing questions and answers, problems and solutions of the sports psychology field. They feature two journals: The Journal of Applied Sport Psychology and the Journal of Sport Psychology Action. They tell the stories of individual case studies, publish a newsletter, and even provide a voice for the work of graduate students. The information topics are always the most current and speak to the full range of professional interests.

5. Support the Media

In this day and age, media plays a huge role in every field. Applied sports psychology is no exception. This organization has a whole sector dedicated as a media center. They offer public access to news releases and articles, provide resources for various media outlets to download, feature a multimedia audio and video library for consumers and professionals, and employ a user-friendly process for those wishing to conduct media inquiries.

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology offers something for everyone. Athletes, students, and professionals alike will find useful, interesting, and cutting edge services, events, and information. This is a one stop shop for anyone interested or involved in the field of applied sport psychology.

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