What Are the Prerequisites for a Master’s in Sport Psychology?

Before entering into a Sport Psychology graduate program, students must have completed all of the required prerequisite courses. In a Master’s program, graduate-level students will move beyond the introductory coursework and dive into fast-paced and advanced subject matter. Prerequisites are required to ensure that students who enroll in the program have completed the education needed to grasp the topics that will be covered in the curriculum.

If a student were to study Master’s coursework before completing any undergraduate work, they would have trouble succeeding in school and it would affect both the professor and fellow classmates. In Sports Psychology, students will not be able to keep up without taking psychology-related courses during their Bachelor’s program. Here are some of the prerequisites needed to get accepted into an MS program in Sports Psychology:

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

The first and most important prerequisite for any Master’s degree program is possessing a valid and relevant Bachelor’s degree. Students who are interested in earning a graduate degree will first need to spend 4 or more years in school taking all of the right courses.

Due to the nature of any type of specialized Psychology degree, students need to have majored or minored in a relevant area of study for their undergraduate studies to fulfill the educational prerequisite. The must also have earned all of the semester credits and credit hours from an accredited school. If a student were to take additional courses or their entire course load at a school that was not accredited or lost accreditation, the credits or entire degree may not be recognized.

Undergraduate Course Requirements

It’s best for students to pursue a degree in the field they majored in while studying for their 4-year degree but this isn’t always what happens. In an ideal world, students would know exactly what they want to do with their education as soon as their Freshman year is over. In reality, most students will change their mind at least 2 or 3 times as an undergraduate student who is being exposed to many different subject areas.

The course requirements for students who enter into a Master’s in Sports Psychology are perfect for students who know they love psychology but who weren’t sure what they wanted to pursue. With most graduate schools, the undergraduate courses requirements are not strict. In fact, some schools only require that applicants have completed Introduction to Psychology before applying. Other schools are even more lenient and allow students to enroll if they complete the prerequisite within one year of starting their graduate studies.

Potential Jobs With a Master’s

Many people assume that working in any psychology field will require a doctorate. While professionals who have completed a doctoral program can find higher paying clinical positions, there is still room for professionals with a Master’s in the Sports Psychology specialty. According to the American Psychological Association, there are a variety of different jobs that grads can apply for. These include:

  • Consultants
  • Sports Psychology Coach
  • Sports Psychology Trainer
  • Youth Sports Counselor
  • Team Dynamics Counselor
  • Performance Enhancement Counselor

Concluding Thoughts

There are many different schools that offer graduate programs with a focus in Sports and Performance Psychology. Anyone interested in making it in this competitive field must be ready to battle it out for positions. They also must earn their Master’s in Sport Psychology and move on to pursue doctoral-level credits as well.

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