Online Child Psychology Degree

online child psychology degree

An online child psychology degree is an attractive option for people who love to work in not-for-profit settings or those interested in child development. Students are taught to assess and treat behavioral problems, learning disabilities and mental disorders in children. They learn the deeper aspects of children’s emotional, psychological and perceptional changes. Successful graduates will work in the field where they monitor the child’s cognitive development as they grow older. This includes their emotional development, problem solving skills, language acquisition, moral understanding and personality.

Being a child psychologist is a rewarding career because these professionals play a crucial role in the child’s social, socioeconomic and cultural development. The Online Child Psychology Degree is quite a new program. Nevertheless, students have to complete the same coursework as those who go into traditional programs. The only difference is how the class lectures are delivered. Because of this, it is important that students are diligent in order to become successful in their chosen profession.

There are several levels that students can choose for their child psychology degree. They may obtain a certificate that takes about a year to complete. Meanwhile, the bachelor’s degree may require them to spend four years depending on the student’s level of motivation. They can proceed to a master’s degree and doctoral degree that will take them about one to two years and three to five year to complete respectively.

How to Find a Top Online Child Psychology Degree

It is important to enroll in one of the best online child psychology degree programs to gain a competitive edge in the employment world. Fortunately, there are many accredited colleges and universities that offer top Online Psychology Degree programs, including Online Child Psychology Degree programs.

Walden University offers one of the best online child psychology degree programs today. The program helps students gain a broad understanding of psychology in a global perspective. It is designed so that students will be able to effectively apply their skills in several different areas. This includes cross-cultural competence, social awareness, civic engagement and responsibility and evidence-based decision making. With Walden, students will not only choose where and when they learn. They can also choose how they learn.

Ashford University also has one of the best programs. The school offers a psychology degree with a concentration in child and adolescent development. Ashford offers affordable and high-quality degree programs for all aspiring child psychologists.

The child psychology degree at Capella University is among the top ranking programs. It includes 63 elective credits and a capstone project. It also offers full support for distance students using the latest technologies and highly qualified instructors.

An individual who sees themselves as a future child psychologist but cannot afford the tuition has some financial options available. They may opt for a private loan that may provide them with higher limits. However, approval depends on the applicant’s credit score. Alternatively, they may apply for Stafford loans. With this, they can pay their debt after graduation. There are also grants and scholarship programs offered by the American Psychological Association.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals with an Online Child Psychology Degree

There are many online child psychology careers waiting for graduates. They can work in many different settings like schools, hospitals, courts and mental health clinics. Those who work in schools need to deal with learning disorders. They will be responsible for conducting assessments, diagnosis and treatment. These professionals should work with families in order to help the child cope with their social issues, academic problems or disabilities.

Meanwhile, those who work in hospitals or mental health facilities may work directly with the child and the family. They evaluate the client’s condition and administer tests and therapies.

Some child psychologists prefer to work in the courts. With this, they help young clients who are involved in criminal acts. They help them cope with child custody disputes or testifying in court.


Online child psychology degree salaries may vary depending on the professional’s location, employment sector, years of experience and educational background. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest salary for these professionals is $150,000, and the lowest is $37,000. These figures make the median salary for an online child psychology degree graduate $64,000.

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