5 Natural Treatments for Anxiety Disorders

anxiety disorder treatments

For those seeking natural anxiety treatment options, there’s good news. There are many different ways in which to treat the difficult symptoms of anxiety and anxiety disorders. Backed by science and experience, these methods don’t involve any man-made chemicals or synthetic approaches.

Here are five options in the world of natural anxiety treatment that have been shown to be quite effective for many sufferers.

Communicative Therapy

Communicative therapy is any therapy that relies on communication, socialization, or talking. Most often, communicative therapy takes the shape of counseling. Here, the anxiety sufferer meets with a psychologist, or counselor regularly and discusses the state of their situation. Revelations may be made, guidance given, and all sorts of other benefits may be harvested by the anxiety sufferer here. Communicative therapy may also take the shape of group support meetings, online anxiety group participation, or even just conversations with friends and family. Despite such variations in venue, research has shown the absolute benefits of talking with others during such difficult times.

Physical Activity

In anxiety, depression, and several other psychological conditions, there is a proven and direct link between the mind and the body. Suffering by the mind can mean suffering for the body. This link has its advantages though.

Research has found that physical activity has a direct impact on several psychological conditions including anxiety. In fact, according to the ADAA, or Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “Even five minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects.” Whether achieved in the form of a trip to the gym, a quick basketball game with a few friends, or even just a jog around the block, physical activity creates a physiological response that directly helps the psychological state of anxiety.

Specialized Therapy

As we mentioned above, communicative therapy is one avenue of professional, natural treatment. This involves a focus on communication for therapeutic purposes. There are however other forms of therapy that are specialized in other areas aside from just communication.

Art therapy is often helpful and allows anxiety sufferers to experience a release and grow via the enjoyment of art and making it. Sound therapy takes the sufferer to exotic and often relaxing locations via auditory stimulus. Hypnotherapy even delves into the subconscious, seeking to calm or stop the root causes of the anxiety. There are many types of specialized therapy that are all-natural and shown to have some true, positive effects here.

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One of the newest but also most promising, all-natural anxiety treatments is that of the use of CBD oil. CBD oil, or cannabidiol is the natural, legal, intoxicant-free concentrate derived from the cannabis plant. This concentrate is all-natural and can be purchased in all 50 states without the need for a doctor’s prescription.

CBD oil acts as a sort of natural restraint on the sufferer’s anxiety, calming the chemical messages in the brain responsible for the associated panic, confusion, and stress that is anxiety. This is a relatively new treatment option, but it has shown great success so far. The most convincing proof here is its noted efficacy in treating some of the most debilitating cases of anxiety – PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.


Kava is another herbal, all-natural approach to anxiety resolution. Known and coveted by many Pacific Islander groups for thousands of years, Kava is a plant with soothing, psychological effects. It is grown in warm, Pacific climates and is actually a member of the pepper family of plants.

Kava can be found in capsular form for quick, easy doses. It can also be found in pre-ground plant form and used as a food additive or even made into a beverage for slower enjoyment. This 100% legal, highly effective plant-based approach to anxiety treatment is typically available for purchase online or in herbal or health food stores.


Anxiety can be quite the burden for the sufferer. Treatment is always a must, but many prefer to stay natural in their pursuits here. These five, effective approaches are some of the best known to date in the world of natural anxiety treatment options.

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