5 Forensic Psychology Podcasts

forensic psychology podcasts

5 Forensic Psychology Podcasts

  • State of the Hack
  • A Date with Darkness
  • Double Loop Podcast
  • Forensic Files Podcast
  • How I Died

Podcasts are the ultimate in portable entertainment and podcast on forensic psychology are no exception. They are perfect for making the most out of time spent on long walks, road trips, and tedious commutes. With educational podcasts making their way into the scene, they now offer opportunities for portable learning, as well. These five forensic psychology podcasts keep listeners on their toes or the edge of their seats, wherever they happen to be listening.

1. State of the Hack

In this current era dominated by technology, State of the Hack is a relevant choice. This podcast dives deep into the forensic psychology behind digital and cybercrime. Each episode tells a unique true story about cyber espionage, digital forensics, and much more. The podcast offers academic explanations and detailed insights on the future of the field. New episodes air every few days and typically offer between 30 and 45 minutes of digital intrigue.

2. A Date with Darkness

Those looking for a podcast that combines education, entertainment, and personal growth will enjoy A Date with Darkness. Hosted by psychologist Dr. Natalie Jones, this podcast helps people overcome and heal from difficult relationship issues through a forensic lens. Each episode focuses on a specific type of relationship, offering something for every listener dealing with every situation. New episodes air every week and last between a half hour and an hour.

3. Double Loop

Do you enjoy participating in solving the forensic mysteries you read about in the paper and hear about in the news? Then Double Loop Podcast is for you. This podcast offers analyses of past and current forensic cases from a psychological perspective. They are simple for novices to understand yet also detailed enough to challenge and entertain professionals. Episodes air every couple of weeks and provide over an hour of spellbinding listening.

4. Forensic Files

TV show turned podcast, Forensic Files offers a factual analysis of true life forensic situations happening around the world. This podcast covers a delightfully wide range of forensic crimes and events, stretching the mind and imagination of every listener. Episodes last about 20 minutes but air every couple of days, so you never have to wait too long for your next mystery, and it’s easy to stay caught up.

5. How I Died

Listeners looking for a good story they can get lost in will be captivated by How I Died. This podcast is about a fictional forensic psychologist who solves crimes by collaborating with the ghosts of the victims. While entertaining at its core, the stories of each death are based on true stories and told through the lens of legitimate forensic psychology. New episodes air once a month and last almost two hours.

These five forensic psychology podcasts are the perfect blend of informative and downright enjoyable. They each tackle unique stories and issues from a forensic psychology standpoint, some in the form of stories, others through documented investigation, and others through self-help guidance. Tune into podcasts like these on forensic psychology, and turn a boring walk or drive into a thrilling adventure.

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