What Types of Certifications Should a School Offer with an Online Degree in Psychology?

Online psychology degree certifications are beneficial for all graduates by helping to illustrate advanced knowledge and skill in specific areas of the field of psychology, helping to gain employment and to go on to further education. For colleges and universities looking to fully develop the educational experience and applicability of curricula, offering specialized certifications is a must.

Increasingly, schools at all levels, from early childhood development to universities, are in need of qualified, trained psychology professionals to handle a number of growing issues and help students be successful in and out of the classroom. Whether a student is dealing with a personal crisis in the home environment, bullying, or developmental challenges, schools have taken on the responsibility of helping these students succeed and overcome obstacles. psych

Because of the growing need, this is a popular option for many colleges and universities to offer to its undergraduate and graduate students who are studying psychology or education. Students in this certification program most often complete various courses that develop knowledge and build skill in dealing with the biology of behavior, crisis intervention with children, school organization and operation, and psychological assessment in schools.

Organizational Psychology

Organizations often turn to trained, professional psychologists to fill positions in which organizational behavior is the focus. From planning team building retreats to handling internal conflict, professionals with an organizational psychology degree are well-prepared to manage situations in the workplace. Common courses in this certification program include organizational and group behavior, conflict management, mediation, and social psychology fundamentals. 

Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology often deals with a number of various needs from populations around the world. Some of these possibilities include addiction counseling, behavioral psychology, community counseling and coordination, and suicide intervention. Students pursuing a certificate in this program most often complete courses such as social and cultural foundations, interviewing skills in counseling, helping relationships, group dynamics, and psychoactive substances.

Featured Programs

Sports Psychology

The field of sports psychology is increasingly gaining popularity in the United States. From working in a clinical setting to counsel athletes to students looking to pursue a career in coaching at the high school, collegiate, or professional level, this certificate provides necessary coursework to build a foundation in understanding everything from teamwork to discipline. Courses are likely to include psychology of coaching, team building, team dynamics, sport psychology, and fitness psychology.

Other Specialized Certifications

Future psychology professionals have a number of other specializations to consider earning a certificate in to advance professional skills and knowledge. Some additional options include cognitive, social, biopsychology, and social psychology, all which are particularly helpful for moving forward in doctorate level education as well. Additional information on specialized areas of psychology can be found at the American Psychological Association website.

For schools educating future professionals in the field of psychology, all of these options are beneficial for students. Online professional degree certifications enhance a school’s ability to not only draw students, but these offerings also help to ensure that graduates are ready for the workforce and get the most out of their education.

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