Can I Have a Successful Career With a Bachelor’s in Psychology?

successful career with bachelors in psychology

With a bachelor’s in psychology, it’s easy to assume that the best careers require additional schooling. In reality, the opposite is true: psychology coursework gives students insight into human behavior that can be useful across a variety of fields. With this degree, it’s possible to build a successful career without going on for a master’s or Ph.D.

Careers in the Psychology Field

For graduates who want to stick to their field, several jobs require a four-year psychology degree. One option is to be a psychiatric technician. These professionals work in hospitals, rehab centers, and other treatment facilities to help carry out the treatment plans written by licensed psychiatrists and psychologists. A technician might track patient behavior, administer medications, and assist in daily activities. At higher levels, technicians are trusted to run hands-on activities to support therapy. These positions often have a high level of patient interaction, which is appealing to people who prefer extended, one-on-one interactions. This job may also be referred to as a “specialist” or “assistant.” Social workers also hire psychology grads as assistants.

Counseling Jobs

Closely related to psychology is counseling, one of the possible careers with a psychology bachelor’s degree. A counselor works closely with individuals to help them achieve a specific set of goals, often providing emotional and mental support along the way. One option is career counseling; these professionals work in university career centers, job centers, and business incubators. They help guide students or clients in picking a career that’s a good fit for their personality and talents.

Counselors are also essential in applied-therapy situations. Wilderness therapy programs hire counselors to work with students as they undergo a treatment program. The same goes for therapeutic boarding schools. Counselors often use activities, books, and gatherings to help participants work through personal issues. They also provide valuable leadership and support. For a similar role without the official therapy aspect, look to positions such as summer camp directors and leadership retreat organizers.

Featured Programs

Marketing and Advertising

Some of the most fascinating jobs for a Bachelor’s in Psychology graduate exists in the marketing and advertising industries. These disciplines rely heavily on human psychology; companies need to understand how their customers think to sell to them effectively. That’s where psychology majors come in. They might work as market researchers, advertising executives, or even copywriters. The trick? Figuring out how to use knowledge of human behavior to create more compelling marketing messages, sales pitches, social media posts, and more. For people with highly developed analytical and math skills, a market research analyst position is a great option. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, analysts combine psychology and data to understand customers in depth. For graduates who can apply their skills effectively, it’s possible to have a very successful career in marketing and advertising. What’s more, there’s plenty of room for advancement — grads can move up through the ranks to become marketing managers, creative directors, and more.


Psychology programs teach students how to observe, analyze, and affect human behavior — skills that every company needs to succeed. With that knowledge, it’s possible to build a successful career with a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

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