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Psychology and Counseling Degree Programs at Lock Haven University

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A Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling is just one of the psychology and counseling degree programs offered by Lock Haven University. This program helps students become licensed counselors in Pennsylvania but can also help them meet the requirements for getting their licenses in other states. It offers a general track and specialized tracks in counseling military veterans and their families and counseling children and adolescents. Students will take three classes from a specialization and 51 credits of core counseling classes. The core counseling courses include Research and Program Evaluation, Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Counseling and Theories and Models of Counseling Across the Lifespan.

The Department of Psychology at the university offers both a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Both programs offer opportunities and resources for students such as the chance to join Psi Chi. This is a national honors society for psychology majors that allows them to meet with other members. Members can also apply for research funds and educational scholarships. The university has a peer mentoring program that pairs all incoming freshmen with older mentors who will help them with their studies. Students can also visit the on-site PsyCenter and get tutoring help in their classes.

Psychology majors must complete the psychology core, which is worth 18 credits. This core includes Research Methods in Psychology, Writing for Psychology and Applying Research Methods in Psychology. They also have the chance to take electives. BA students can choose from classes such as Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Counseling Skills and Drugs and Human Behavior, while BS students will find electives such as Forensic Psychology and Health Psychology. Lock Haven University encourages psychology majors to do internships and can place them in youth organizations, detention centers, jails, and nonprofit organizations.

About Lock Haven University

Lock Haven University is a public university that uses the official name of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. Established in 1870 as one of several teaching schools in the state, it was originally called Central State Normal School. The commitment it had to education majors continued after the school became the State Teachers College in Lock Haven in the 1920s and Lock Haven State College in the 1960s. As a state college, it expanded its curriculum and introduced degree programs in business and other major fields. The current named used by the university came about after it joined the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. It also uses the abbreviation LHU.

Some of the oldest buildings on the LHU campus in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania date back to the 1950s and its time as a state college. Other buildings are more modern such as the apartments built for students in 2012. LHU has both a radio station and a television station that allow students to gain experience on and off the air, and students can do internships to gain experience away from the campus too. Lock Haven University has a student activities center that helps its more than 4,600 students find clubs and organizations to join.

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Lock Haven University Accreditation Details

Psychology majors may take social work classes while at the university. Those courses all have accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). LHU has institutional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), which allows students to transfer credits to Lock Haven and take credits from the university to other colleges. This accreditation also allows any student who completes the FAFSA to apply for financial aid.

Lock Haven University Application Requirements

LHU only has a select number of spots available in its graduate programs, which is why it will only look at the applications that come from students who meet the bare requirements for each one. The requirements for counseling grad students include a cumulative GPA in college of 3.0 or higher and a strong background in counseling and psychology. Students will submit their transcripts and an official application as well as a statement that outlines all their professional and educational goals. LHU also asks for three letters of recommendation that describe the skills of the student, the ability to handle complex topics and reasons the applicant would succeed in graduate school.

The process for prospective undergrads is a little more basic. Lock Haven asks for both official transcripts and test scores from each applicant. If a student is still in high school, he or she can provide an unofficial transcript and submit an official copy once school ends. The university asks for a $25 application fee and a completed application. LHU encourages students to apply during the first semester of their senior years but will accept applications later in the year. Students accepted into Lock Haven must put down an enrollment deposit too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

LHU undergrads pay $7,716 in tuition and $3,162 in fees each semester. Their tuition and fees may rise if they take more than 12 credit hours of classes. Students who are not from Pennsylvania will pay different rates based on the GPA they have when they enroll. This cost ranges from $15,432 per semester for those with a GPA of 3.25 or higher to $17,290 per semester for those with a GPA below this level. All nonresidents pay $3,412 per semester for university fees. LHU also charges $6,540 per semester for a traditional dorm room and $3,828 for a basic meal plan. Pennsylvania residents enrolled in a graduate program pay $1,548 per class and $520 in fees for each class too. Nonresidents pay fees of $678 per class and $2,322 for each course they take.

The enrollment deposit that students put down will hold their spots, and the university will subtract this amount from the balances that they owe. Incoming freshmen can qualify for more than 50 scholarships, including some designed for those who graduated from certain high schools and those who play field hockey and other sports. The Eagle Scholarship provides students with $2,000 a year and goes to those with an ACT/SAT score of 25/1200 and a 4.0 GPA. Other scholarships have similar academic requirements. Students should also use the FAFSA and complete loan counseling to get additional funds for college. Those funds provide students with money to cover the cost of the counseling and psychology degree programs offered by Lock Haven University.

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