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Counseling and Psychology Degree Programs at Argosy University

Argosy University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Online Master’s in Forensic Psychology.

Through the College of Counseling, Psychology and Social Sciences at Argosy University, students can earn a bachelor’s degree or complete a graduate or doctoral program. The university has an online bachelor’s in psychology that awards graduates a Bachelor of Arts. To help students develop skills that relate to the careers that interest them, the university offers multiple concentrations too. Students can choose from organizational psychology, advanced studies in psychology, criminal justice, substance abuse, human services or child and adolescent studies. The advanced studies in psychology program is best for those planning to go to graduate school.

Multiple Master of Arts programs are available online for psychology majors too. Clinical programs allow students to study either general psychology or clinical mental health counseling. The counseling psychology program prepares students for working in private settings with clients as they interview them and determine their needs. Two different forensic psychology programs prepare students for working in and with law enforcement as they provide counseling and help to criminals and those suspected of criminal activities. Other graduate programs allow students to study sports and exercise psychology, school counseling, industrial-organizational psychology and marriage and family therapy. Most of these programs include practicums and other types of fieldwork.

Argosy University also offers several doctoral programs for counseling and psychology majors. Doctor of Education programs allow students to major in counseling psychology, counselor education and supervision or pastoral community counseling. There is also a Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy. These programs often require fieldwork to ensure that students develop good skills and a dissertation that allows them to demonstrate both their research skills and writing work.

About Argosy University

The name Argosy University applies to an online university and a system of college campuses across the United States. Though the school only adopted the Argosy name in 2001, it existed in different forms prior to that year. The American School of Psychology opened in the 1970s in Illinois as the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Michael Markovitz, the founder of that school, created the Argosy Education Group and helped that company take over the University of Sarasota. It would later acquire the Medical Institute of Minnesota too. When the Education Management Corporation acquired the company in 2001, it merged the three campuses into one university and renamed it Argosy University. The company also acquired two art institutes in Hollywood and San Diego.

Argosy University now consists of 13 separate campuses that all use the same name. Though many of these campuses are in California cities such as San Diego, there are also campuses in Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Dallas, the Twin Cities and other areas. The entire system has an enrollment of more than 16,000 students, though many of those are online students. Argosy offers dozens of online degree programs for professionals and traditional students. It has a high enrollment of nontraditional learners such as working adults and stay at home parents who want the opportunity to earn a college degree.

Featured Programs

Argosy University Accreditation Details

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) first awarded regional accreditation to Argosy University in 2011 and renewed its accreditation in 2018. Some of the university’s counseling programs have accreditation from the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). It’s important that students check for the accreditation held by each individual campus though as not all campuses have the same accreditation.

Argosy University Application Requirements

The application requirements for online undergrads who want to study psychology vary. Those who have up to 24 transfer credits need a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and a score of 870 on the SAT or 18 on the ACT. Students bringing in more than 24 credits only need to have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all the credits they want to transfer. The university does not have any admissions requirements for military students and those who have at least three years of military experience. Undergrads must use the Argosy application and speak to an admissions counselor over the phone or in person. They also need to provide either high school or university transcripts.

Graduate and doctoral students can request more information and speak with an admissions counselor before applying to a psychology program. The university asks students to fill out the online form with the name of the program that interests them and the campus where they want to study. An admissions counselor will then reach out and go over the application with the student and help him/her fill it out. Argosy doesn’t ask for as much information as other schools do, but it may require official transcripts to see if students have a background in psychology and the grades that show they can finish a graduate program. Doctoral students will meet these same requirements and also submit transcripts from the colleges where they earned their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students attending any of the Argosy University campuses pay $556. This is the same rate that Argosy charges of undergrads enrolled in an online program. Though the rates for graduate students vary between departments and programs, psychology and counseling majors typically pay $750 per credit hour. They pay the same rate in both the MA and the MA programs. Doctoral students take courses from the university’s Department of Education, which charges $859 per credit hour. Though the university offers many online resources, students will still need money to purchase textbooks for some of their classes and to pay their other costs.

Any students who want to know if they qualify for financial aid can submit the FAFSA. Recent high school graduates and other traditional first-time college students will use their parents’ tax returns, but independent and graduate students will use their own tax returns. Financial aid from the federal government can include loans as well as grants. Admissions counselors working for the university can help students learn about using the GI Bill and other benefits to pay for school. The university also maintains a list of all the scholarships that it awards to online students and the awards that are only available at select campuses. Counseling and psychology majors attending Argosy University can use aid from the university and federal funds every year they spend working on their degrees.

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