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Psychology and Counseling Degree Programs at Amridge University

Amridge University appears in our ranking of the 5 Best Online Ph.D. Marriage and Family Counseling Programs.

Amridge University offers a number of advanced programs for students with an interest in counseling and psychology and some undergrad programs that will give them the foundations they need later. The Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy is one of the advanced programs available. Students spend seven semesters taking classes and doing their practicums. Students will make arrangements for those positions and get approval from the university before beginning one. To meet some of the requirements for becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist, students will take classes that include Ethics and Professional Identity, Social and Multidisciplinary Diversity, Assessment of Individuals and Families, Human Sexual Development and Theories of Marriage and Family Therapy.

A Master of Arts in Professional Counseling is available for those who want to work as professional counselors but not specifically with marriage and family clients. Students will learn how to use professional ethics and religious concepts as they work with their clients. This program includes two practical training classes, a practicum and a course called Research and Evaluation. Other classes include Human Development, Community and Social Systems, Counseling for Abusive Relationships, Marital and Family Systems and Basic Counseling Techniques and Healing Relationships. Both these programs are available as Master of Divinity programs too. Those programs put more of an emphasis on religion than the others do.

Amridge also offers two doctoral programs in family therapy. The university designed one program for those who have a general graduate degree and one for students with a divinity degree. Students must take an exam halfway through their studies to remain in the program. Those who fail will lose their spots in the university. Students will also complete four research modules as they finish the work required for their dissertations.

There are also degree programs for undergrads who want to study psychology and counseling at the graduate and doctoral levels. One is an Associate of Arts in Human Development, while the second is a Bachelor of Science in Human Development. Students in the associate program take just 64 credits of classes that include general education courses and specialized classes such as Developmental Psychology and Introductory Sociology. Bachelor’s students take a minimum of 128 credits of courses, including Management Intervention, Theories of Personality and Motivation, Thinking About Race, Class and Gender and Motivation and Performance.

About Amridge University

Amridge University is a private university with a small campus in Montgomery, Alabama. Founded in 1949 as the Montgomery Bible College, it served as a high school that allowed students to take a handful of college classes. The success of those early classes led to the college becoming a junior college with a curriculum that included several two-year degree programs. Later years would see the university added three-year degree programs and then introducing bachelor’s programs. The college went through several names before becoming Amridge University, including the Alabama Christian School of Religion, Regions University, Alabama Christian College and Southern Christian University.

The university now has five schools and colleges such as the College of Continuing Education, which offers opportunities for adult students. Though the university is quite small, it has a campus right next to Alabama University Montgomery. It has just one building, which allows students to take classes on the first floor and meet with their professors on the second. The first floor is also home to the university’s library. It Is also home to the Turner School of Theology, which offers seminary classes. Amridge University has a small enrollment of right around 700 students across all levels and programs.

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Amridge University Accreditation Details

Though Amridge is one of the smallest colleges in Alabama, it has the same regional accreditation that major schools do, which comes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). This allows the religious university, which has an affiliation with the Churches of Christ, to accept federal funds and give those funds to its students. The university also has accreditation from the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools (CAATS).

Amridge University Application Requirements

The basic requirements for any student applying to Amridge University are similar. All students will fill out an application and pay a $50 application fee. They will also need to provide their transcripts, which they can do in one of two ways. Students have the option of getting their transcripts from their colleges and sending them to the university. They can also fill out and submit a form and let the university request their transcripts from those schools. The university will evaluate the transcripts of transfer students to determine how many of their credits will transfer.

Students applying to an associate or bachelor program should also take the ACT or SAT and submit their scores. Those transferring into a program can use their transcripts in lieu of a test score. The transcripts provided by students applying to a graduate program must show that they have a bachelor’s degree. Amridge requires that doctoral students go through an interview and submit a writing sample. This sample can come from a journal or a term paper. Students can also submit portions of their thesis or dissertation work.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for undergrads in any of the university’s bachelor’s or associate’s programs is $250 per semester hour for full-time students and $330 per semester hour for part-time students. Those who remain in the university and in good academic standing will pay the same amount until they graduate. Undergrads also pay fees of $450 per semester and around $150 per class for books. Students in any of the university’s graduate programs pay $650 per semester hour as full-time students and $750 per semester hour as part-time students. They also pay around $200 per class for their books and fees of $650 each semester. Doctoral students pay the same rate for their books and fees. They also pay $770 per semester hour for part-time enrollment and $685 per semester hour for full-time enrollment.

Students who need financial aid can apply for help through the university and via the FAFSA. Aid packages can include a combination of scholarships, grants and loans from private lenders and the federal government. Amridge University recommends that its counseling and psychology majors apply for funding at least one semester before they start classes.

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