Online Master’s in Psychology Degree

online masters in psychology degree

An Online Master’s in Psychology Degree provides students with advanced education in the study of psychology. This degree is intended for students who are seeking to gain an in-depth understanding of psychology whether they have a previous background in mental health or not. A master’s degree is becoming the minimal educational requirement to work in many licensed psychology fields. Coursework commonly includes theories of learning, social cognition, survey research methods, contemporary issues in psychology, lifespan development, ethics of psychology, and applied statistics for psychology. Students commonly have the option of selecting a thesis and non-thesis option and the thesis programs are ideal for students interested in pursuing further graduate study.

Many online master’s degree in psychology programs enable students to specialize in a specific area, such as general psychology, clinical psychology, sports psychology, school psychology, educational psychology, forensic psychology, and industrial psychology. The length of the programs varies by institution, but most programs take between two and three years to complete. An online master’s degree in psychology offers a variety of benefits, including the flexibility to complete coursework while still maintaining employment and other commitments. Most programs also provide hands-on internship components to allow students to gain real-life experience in psychology settings. Individuals who have an Online Master’s in Psychology Degree have a vast amount of career opportunities in many different fields.

How To Find The Top Online Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs

When looking for the best online master’s in psychology degree programs it is important to think about various characteristics that make some programs better choices than others. Whether or not a college or university is accredited is often regarded as the most important feature. If a school goes through the accrediting process, it provides proof that its academic programs have met specific requirement and quality standards.

An institution’s ranking is also a good factor to consider, and a variety of trustworthy organizations rank schools based on a lot of different aspects, such as graduation rates, faculty credentials, peer assessment, and financial resources.

Featured Programs

Walden University and California Coast University are among the best Online Master’s in Psychology Degree programs. The online master’s in psychology degree program at Walden University strives to reflect the most current trends and developments in the industry. Students gain a solid foundation of psychological theories and fundamental scientific methods. The program is offered through MobileLearn, which is an online platform available only at Walden University. Walden University participates in various financial aid programs including federal funding, grants, scholarships, and veteran benefits. California Coast University’s Online Master’s in Psychology Degree program enables students to begin their degree program at any time during the year, as the courses are not structured in semesters or quarters. California Coast University offers military tuition rates, discounts to previous graduates, and tuition payment plans.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With An Online Master’s in Psychology Degree

Graduates from online master’s in psychology degree programs commonly work in mental health services, government, and business fields. Clinical psychologists, counselors, and social workers are examples of online master’s in psychology degree careers. Clinical psychologists evaluate, diagnose, and treat clients with mental health issues. Counselors assist clients with overcoming specific issues that affect their daily lives. Social workers help individuals with dealing with external factors in their environments and they commonly work for social welfare organizations.

Online master’s in psychology degree salaries vary by position, location, employer, and experience. The median annual salary is around $67,000 for clinical psychologists; $53,000 for counselors; and $45,000 for social workers. An online master’s in psychology degree is a great choice for individuals seeking to pursue professional positions in the field.

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