5 Podcasts for Educational Psychologists

podcasts for educational psychologists

Helpful Podcasts for Educational Psychology Majors

  • School Psyched!
  • ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio
  • Study Skills for Students
  • The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast
  • Brain Science

It can be difficult to find podcasts for educational psychologists. It’s such a demanding and specialized field that it’s rare to stumble across interesting, informative speakers who have the time to discuss it. However, there are a few podcasts that can scratch the itch, and there are even more that can be utilized by educational psychologists even if the shows aren’t actually aimed at them.

1.School Psyched!

School Psyched! is an informative podcast that looks at teachers and classrooms through a psychological lens. Can dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) be adapted for K-12 students? What goes through the mind of a child with ADHD when they’re taking a test? What are the most common myths behind the Cultural-Language Interpretive Matrix (C-LIM) and its impact on English learners? School Psyched! interviews a variety of teachers, researchers, psychologists and other experts to get to the bottom of their subjects. It doesn’t always have definitive answers, but it will make you think about the right questions.

2. ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio

Coming from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio is a podcast that dives deep into the modern classroom. It isn’t directed at educational psychologists, but if you’re looking for a topical podcast that covers both the practical and emotional challenges faced by today’s teachers, there’s a lot that you can learn from it. Subjects include things like “understanding how emotions support student learning” and “why behavior charts are at odds with known best practices.” As a bonus, each episode brings in new guest speakers and experts, so there’s always a revolving door of opinions, perspectives and backgrounds.

3. Study Skills for Students

There’s a lot to love about Study Skills for Students. Hosted by a speech-language pathologist, it revolves around education, psychology, technology and self-help. Its “Therapy and Learning Services” series might be particularly helpful to psychologists since it bridges the gap between students who want to learn and adults who want to teach. The science of schooling isn’t always easy to understand, but this podcast can help you figure it out.

4. The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

“If it has something to do with teaching, we’re talking about it,” says The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast. They live up to this claim by offering more than 100 episodes devoted to teaching strategies, educational reform, classroom technology and the science behind the act of learning. Their subjects include things like “what the research says about note-taking” and “restorative justice in school: An overview.” They talk to parents, teachers, administrators and behavioral experts to provide fascinating and in-depth looks at relevant topics.

5. Brain Science

This is another podcast that isn’t strictly meant for educational psychologists, but its knowledge is so relevant to the field that you’re sure to get some use out of it. Brain Science offers lectures, lessons and book reviews of interesting scientific subjects like neuroplasticity and how mood disorders affect behavior. If you’ve ever wondered about the role of your pre-frontal lobes in learning, this is the podcast for you. If you’d like to know more about autism and ADHD from a neurological perspective, this is a podcast that can help. There are even episodes like “Neuroscience for Dummies” if you’d like to ease into the jargon slowly.


Educational psychology is a tough subject. With the right tools, however, it can be a fulfilling area of study and an even better career. Use these podcasts for educational psychologists to learn more.

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