30 Side Hustles for Anyone Trying to Get Out of Debt

There is nothing easy about getting out of debt. Not only does it require serious discipline when it comes to spending (or rather, not spending), it often requires increasing one’s income with a side hustle. Keep scrolling for 30 great side hustle ideas that are perfect for anyone who is trying to get out of debt.

Uber or Lyft

If you own a car and have an excellent driving record, then you may be eligible to drive for Uber or Lyft. Working for these ride-on-demand companies simply involves giving customers a ride from Point A to Point B. Customers rate you as a driver, and can tip once they’ve reached their destination. According to a Market Watch analysis, ride-share drivers make an average of $364 per month.

Food Delivery

If driving around food sounds more appealing than driving around people, then food delivery can be an excellent side hustle. Some people working on getting out of debt take on jobs delivering pizza for their local pizza parlor. These days, additional opportunities exist with companies like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates. Working for these companies involves driving to a restaurant to pick up an order, then driving to deliver that order. According to the aforementioned companies, drivers can make up to $25/hour.


Part-time retail jobs are plentiful, and are perfect for anyone who needs to boost their income as they pay off debt. Decide what type of place would interest you, then visit stores’ websites to find the application or hiring process. Apply to as many places as you are willing, in order to ensure you find a place that is able to work with your schedule and offer you an appropriate number of hours.

Yard Services

Do you own a lawn mower, weed wacker, and leaf blower? Then you can start your own yard services side hustle! A few weeks before the start of the mowing season, have some business cards made (you can get 100 for $15.00 here), and drop them door to door in your neighborhood. The best way to gain clients is through word of mouth, so always ensure you do an excellent job at an even better price.


When you get a job with Instacart, you can literally be paid to shop — just not for yourself. Instacart works just like other food delivery services. Customers order their groceries from their favorite stores, an Instacart shopper goes to the store and does the physical shopping, then delivers the groceries to the customer. According to an analysis published by Huffington Post, Instacart shoppers make about $20 an hour.

Amazon Flex

Though it’s not available in every city at any given time (many cities have waiting lists),
Amazon Flex is another great side hustle for anyone attempting to get out of debt. The job involves delivering Amazon Pantry items or other same-day delivery items to customers in a particular region. According to the Amazon Flex website, employees can make between $18 and $25 per hour.


If you are particularly talented in a certain subject and have the heart of a teacher, then consider starting a tutoring service. Advertise to local schools and parents that you are willing to tutor in subjects such as math, writing, languages, or science. Alternatively, advertise to local senior citizens that you can teach them how to use mobile devices, computers, and other forms of technology.

Sell or Re-Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, or eBay

Every day, thousands of used items are bought and sold on re-sale websites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Mercari. If you’re in need of some extra funds, scour your home for items you no longer need or want. Items that sell especially well are things like kitchenware, toys, and gently used clothing. Some hustlers turn the re-sale game into quite a lucrative side job, and routinely search thrift stores and yard sales for things they can re-sell for more online.

Write Freelance Articles

If you enjoy writing, consider freelance writing as your side hustle! To get started, consult a website like Upwork. Hundreds of potential jobs  are posted each day, for which freelancers can apply. Payment varies.

Set Up an Etsy Shop

Etsy has become a go-to resource for everything from furniture to clothing. If you are crafty or have a talent creating something — anything! — then consider starting an Etsy shop. The amount of money you can make varies, but some Etsy vendors make a few thousand additional dollars each month.

House Sitter

Taking on house sitting as a side hustle is a great way for anyone trying to get out of debt to earn a little extra cash. Most house sitters will pay a nightly fee for you to stay at their home and make sure it’s kept clean and safe. To set your nightly rate and gain clients, check out websites like Housesitter, Rover (if you don’t mind watching pets also), or Luxury House Sitting.

Pet Care

Love animals? There’s lots of extra money in pet care! Grooming, walking, and/or checking on animals while their owners are at work are great basic services to offer to potential clients. If you are able to make a bigger commitment, you can join Rover or Care.com to find long-term pet sitting jobs at either the client’s home or yours.

Become a Notary

According to PayScale, notaries make about $13/hour — a good side hustle opportunity for someone trying to get out of debt. If witnessing signatures and notarizing documents is something you might be interested in as a side hustle, start by learning the exact qualifications for your state. Finish the process by completing any required training courses and taking an oath at your local county clerk’s office.

Rent Out Your Guest Room

If you have a spare bedroom in your home, you may be able to bring in some extra cash by renting it out on AirBnb. Though you won’t be able to charge as much as those renting out entire homes or apartments, you will appeal to travelers just looking for an inexpensive place to crash. In order to gain reservations, ensure the room is clean and tidy, and that the guest has access to a clean bathroom and maybe even a kitchen space.

Flip Furniture

If you love a good craft project, flipping furniture is a great way to make a little side money. Those who successfully flip furniture constantly look for dressers, chairs, tables, desks, and other solid furniture pieces at thrift stores, yard sales, and on Facebook Marketplace. Anything that is solidly built has potential to be repurposed, painted, or touched up in some way, then resold for a profit.

Featured Programs


Babysitting is such a lucrative side hustle it’s been the job of choice for teenagers, college students, stay-at-home moms, and grandmothers for just about ever. Decide on an hourly rate and whether you’ll watch children at your home or theirs. Then advertise your services to local moms’ groups, churches, and other places where a parent might be interested to learn about your offerings.


Eldercare is another option for a side hustle. Like babysitting, it requires keeping an eye on an elderly person for a few hours or possibly overnight. Decide on an hourly rate, then advertise your services at churches or community centers, or on websites such as Care.com.

Teach With VIPKid, PalFish, or GoGoKid

Many teachers and former teachers have found good money in teaching English online. Because students sign up for online English lessons from all over the world, most teaching platforms allow their teachers to set their own hours and rates. VIPKid and GoGoKid requires all of its teachers to have a teaching certification, though the very similar PalFish does not.

Photography and Stock Photography

Not everyone can take professional-quality photos, but if you have an eye for photography, it can be a very lucrative side hustle. If you have the equipment, consider offering portraits of newborns, high school seniors, families, and more. Another opportunity for photographers lies with stock photography. Websites likes Shutterstock allow photographers to post photos of all sorts of subject matter for people from all over the world to buy.

Clean Houses

Many people trying to get out of debt take on the side hustle of cleaning houses. Not only is it “therapeutic,” to use the word of a house-cleaning side hustler, it also pays well. Decide on an hourly rate, then advertise your services to friends, neighbors, and your surrounding area.

Wash & Detail Cars

Hey, it works for soccer teams and cheerleading squads! If washing and detailing cars is something you enjoy, then stock up on a few supplies and hit the road. There’s a reason the lines at the professional car cleaning places are always long — people are willing to pay for a clean vehicle!

Become a Substitute Teacher

Substitute teaching is an excellent side hustle for anyone who enjoys spending time with children. To get started, contact your local school district or private school to find out about how to be added to  the list of substitutes they call when needed. Though work can be sporadic, the gig pays $75 to $150 a day in most places.

Take on Handyman Jobs on Task Rabbit

Would you describe yourself as handy? Can you build a piece of IKEA furniture? If so, consider becoming a tasker for Task Rabbit! The website, which is partnered with IKEA, connects those who need small jobs done with people who are willing to do them. Taskers set their own hourly rates, plus work their own hours, so the potential to make money is good.

Give Music Lessons

Remember being a kid and taking piano lessons from the woman down the street? She was side hustling! For anyone that is musically inclined, there are always opportunities to teach music lessons. Decide on a rate per lesson. Create some flyers or business cards, then advertise your lessons around your community. Lessons can be for a particular instrument or for something like reading music or music appreciation.

Referee Sports

If you’re into sports, consider becoming a referee! The job usually requires a short training course, then pays per game reffed. Youth sports leagues, for example, typically pay their referees $25 to $50 per game, while high schools pay $50 to $100. Those are who able to referee college games can expect more like $200 per game.

Children’s Entertainment

Those who like children might find that children’s entertainment is a great side hustle. Some hustlers dress up as princesses and other favorite characters to attend kids’ birthday parties, while others bring party activities like petting zoos or face painting. Can you do a basic magic trick? Advertise yourself as a party magician or clown!

Become a Local Tour Guide

If you live in an area with a tourism industry, then you have the opportunity to become a local tour guide. Airbnb Experiences allows locals to advertise their walking tours, cooking lessons, or other local adventures to those visiting. Money made can vary, but is often increased with tips.

Become a Mystery Shopper

If you’ve ever worked retail, then you know all about mystery shoppers. These shoppers are hired by corporate to purchase an item in a store and report back as to whether the associates were polite, helpful, and doing everything expected of them. Corporate usually hires these mystery shoppers from a local agency, so search your area to find the right company. Plus, you usually get to keep the item you’ve purchased.

Sell Snacks at Work

Some hustlers invest in a box of snacks to take to work to sell to their coworkers. Most people are willing to help out a friend, and everyone loves snacks. Try to buy your snacks in bulk, so you can charge as much as possible while paying as little capital up front as possible.

Become a Server or Bartender

If you have the time, then getting a job as a server or bartender is an excellent way to boost your income. And you can really boost it! Apply at a restaurant you like, put on your sales hat, then watch as the tips roll in.

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