What is Consultation Psychology?

Consultation psychology is a broad term that loosely defined, speaks of any expert, psychological service provided to a government agency, organization, or business entity. Applied in real life, consultation psychology can be seen everywhere and in use for seemingly countless purposes. For a better look at some of today’s most common uses of this particular field in psychology, we take a quick glance at five examples.

Employee Growth Consultation

Today’s human resources departments are tasked with using every resource available in the goal of maintaining the perfect employee workforce. Knowing how and in which direction to help its employees grow is an important strategy. Expert psychological services are subsequently needed in order to achieve clear objectives in these matters. Employee incentives, repercussions, training goals, and training methodology are all fair examples of covered topics.

Consumer Sentiment Consultations

Knowing how consumers feel and react to events is a hugely important objective in most companies. This can govern all aspects of business, from branding identity to advertising methods used. In order to be fully aware and keen in the decisions of such matters, lots of analytical psychology must be tapped. Culture, trends, sociological concepts, and many other concepts govern overall public sentiment. The smart business will use consulting psychology to tune in to all of this.

Pre-Development Market Research

Similar to consumer sentiment consultation, pre-development market research is all about public opinion. Before developing and producing a product, it is important for a company to know whether or not the consumer market will receive it well. As such, the company is best served by knowing specific desires and turn-offs of specific consumer markets. Age, sex, race, geographic location, and religion all dictate specific slices of consumer market opinions that companies must understand and adapt to.

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Employee Appraisal Consultations

Yet another important objective of the typical human resource department is that of employee performance appraisal. A clear, organized approach to the many factors in employee appraisal can be seen at the University of Louisville’s website. Here, the university’s own HR methodology is communicated on the subject of proper employee appraisal as well as its importance. This entire process requires a lot of expert psychological insight. This is where consulting psychology is very much needed.

Investment Strategy Analysis

Knowing the most profitable routes to take in investment choices is another crucial aspect of modern business. But to know the best investment choices, a business must understand the financial market and trading mentality with which they deal. Understanding the moods and psychology of such nationwide and global markets also depends very much on the insights of psychology professionals; enter the experts in consulting psychology. These particular psychological professionals would be those most expert in the science of financial market and societal psychology specifically.

Businesses, governments, organizations, and others rely heavily on psychological expertise for any number of operational reasons and objectives. Doing so gives them an educated, competitive edge in all matters, domestic and foreign. This is the area in which consultation psychology exists and in which it ensures that businesses keep that exact, competitive edge.

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