What Are Some Industry Publications I Should Subscribe to as a Psychology Student?

journals for psychology students

Psychology students today know that reading some of the leading journals can help them stay on top of research and trends in the field, which is why so many students subscribe to psychology industry publications. Though designed for working psychologists and other professionals, these journals give students more information about the topics that they study in school. Many of the companies responsible for putting out those journals offer lower prices on subscriptions for those who can show they are currently in college. The publications cover a number of various topics.

Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology is one of the few professional journals affiliated with the American Psychological Association. The APA offers students the right to subscribe to a traditional, hard copy version of the journal delivered to the address on file or access an electronic version of the journal through the online system. The journal focuses specifically on the idea of development across all age levels and ranges. It features articles on current research into developmental delays and other issues that affect children and how professionals look at the brain functions and abilities of people of different ages.

Journal of Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology is the study of behavior that isn’t normal. Those interested in the topic often look at how certain mental diseases and conditions can affect the way people think and act. Classes in abnormal psychology usually deal with schizophrenia, depression, anxiety disorders and other diseases that affect the brain. The Journal of Abnormal Psychology is the ultimate professional publication for those interested in abnormal psychology. Some of the top names in the field wrote articles found in issues of those journals. Past topics included research on schizophrenia and how psychologists can help the family and loved ones of those affected by mental disorders.

Psychological Review

Psychological Review is one of the oldest psychology industry publications in the world today. Originally released in 1894, the founders wanted to offer an alternative journal for professionals not working for one of the few laboratories in the country that produced academic journals. Unlike other journals and publications that focus primarily on research and studies, these journal focuses more on theory. The articles found inside its pages introduce new theories and discuss how psychologists might use and incorporate those theories when working with patients. The editors working for the journal today release one new issue every three months for a total of four issues each year.

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American Journal of Psychology

Experimental psychologists believe that experimenting on patients is the key to better understanding human development. Though the research done by those professionals appears in other publications, the American Journal of Psychology is the most important publication in the field of experimental psychology. Published by the University of Illinois Press, the first issue appeared in print in 1887. As a quarterly publication, new issues arrive once every three months. Dozens of psychologists working in the experimental psychology field cite articles that appeared in this journal every year.

Concluding Thoughts

There are more than 90 literary and academic psychology journals operating in the world today. Many of those publications deal with specific topics, including the affect of music on psychological disorders, the prevention of suicide and sports psychology. Many of the top psychology industry publications give students the option of purchasing an annual subscription for less than the face price of each journal.

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