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Counseling and Psychology Programs at Tiffin

Tiffin University appears in our ranking of the 10 Most Affordable Online Developmental Psychology Online Programs.

Tiffin University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a variety of concentrations that allow students to customize the program based on what they need and want to study. The general program includes courses in different areas, including Abnormal Psychology and Social Psychology. Students must complete the psychology core, which is worth 24 credits. The core includes Biological Foundations of Behavior, Research Design, Introduction to Professional Practice and History and Systems of Psychology.

Students can select a concentration in addictions counseling, which will help them meet some of the requirements that the state of Ohio has in place for licensed and professional counselors. To complete the addictions counseling concentration, students must take 24 credits of courses that include Introduction to Addiction Theory and Practice, Group Process and Techniques Worked with Addicted and Disordered Populations and Assessment and Diagnosis of Addictive and Behavioral Health Problems. There is also an internship that students must do.

The cross-cultural and international psychology concentration requires that students take two seminars, do two internships or do a combination of both. They will also take two culture or language classes and 12 credits of required courses, including Multicultural Issues in Society and Peace and Social Justice. Those who choose the experimental psychology concentration will take two seminars, Applied Statistics, Experimental Psychology and three other courses, which can include an internship.

The MS in Psychology is offered in an online format and prepares graduates for careers in developmental psychology, neuropsychology, and more.  All courses in the program are taught by instructors with Ph.D.s.

Tiffin offers both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in forensic psychology. Designed for those who want to work as investigators and those who want to work with criminals, each program includes several psychology classes. Undergrads will complete the criminal justice core, which includes Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminal Procedures and Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice. They will also do an internship as part of this core. The 33 credits of forensic psychology courses they take include Psychology and Law, Victimology, Introduction to Counseling and Abnormal Psychology. Tiffin also offers a Master of Science with a concentration in psychology.

About Tiffin University

Tiffin University is a small private university named after Tiffin, Ohio. Founded in 1889, it opened as a branch of Heidelberg College called the Commercial College. Heidelberg founded the college after noticing the popularity of other commercial schools at the time. This small school offered practical business courses in accounting and other common subjects. Students could earn diplomas that would help them work in companies across Ohio. The college eventually grew larger than the other school could sustain and split off to become its own institution. It adopted the name Tiffin University after choosing Tiffin for its new campus.

Featured Programs

The university is now home to a School of Arts and Sciences, a School of Business and a School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences. Though it does not have a traditional graduate school, it does offer several graduate degree programs, including Master of Science and Master of Arts programs as well as a Master of Business Administration program. Its Richard C. Pfeiffer Library offers thousands of resources for students and takes part in a state program that allows students to borrow books from other libraries across Ohio. The university serves as one of the largest employers in the region and has a suburban campus that sits on more than 100 acres. Its enrollment now includes more than 1,500 traditional students and more than 2,000 online students.

Tiffin University Accreditation Details

The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS) granted regional accreditation to Tiffin University. The NCACS is part of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which grants accreditation to schools in other regions. Regional accreditation is a requirement of the Department of Education for any student who wants to apply for aid from either the federal or state government. It is also a requirement for students who want to transfer any of their college credits to a different school. Tiffin has accreditation for its business programs also.

Tiffin University Application Requirements

Tiffin requires that all incoming undergrads have a high school diploma, the equivalent of that diploma or an associate’s degree. Those who finished high school should also have a grade point average of at least 2.25. The university looks at the unweighted GPA of an applicant. Undergrads will use the Tiffin application and pay a small fee that covers the processing cost. They can then submit their high school transcripts and an official standardized test score.

Graduate students must have a bachelor’s degree from either a three-year or four-year program. Their degrees should come from a regionally accredited school too. Tiffin usually accepts those who maintained a college grade point average of 3.0 or higher, but it will accept those who meet other requirements and have a lower GPA if a program still has remaining spots. Students will also submit a professional resume and a personal statement. Their statements should list any reasons they have for choosing Tiffin, what they hope to get out of a graduate program and what they will do after finishing the program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Any student who takes at least 12 credits is a full-time student who will pay $820 per credit hour, which equates to $24,600 a year. Those who take 17 credit hours or more will pay additional fees. Part-time students taking 11 or fewer credits will pay $790 per credit hour. The university estimates that students will pay a minimum of $6,800 a year for room and board too. Master of Science students pay $500 per credit hour and can finish the psychology program for $18,500. The university’s criminal justice and forensic psychology program charges $700 per credit hour. Students will pay up to $29,400 to finish this program.

Tiffin offers performance and athletic scholarships as well as merit scholarships. Students can qualify for grants of $3,000 or more and get a scholarship of up to $13,000. The university will renew some scholarships if students meet requirements such as maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher. It offers a 50% discount for students who already have a bachelor’s degree and a legacy scholarship that awards money to graduate students and undergrads who are the dependents of Tiffin alumni. All students can also use the FAFSA when applying for financial aid. Tiffin University psychology students at all levels can get loans and grants when they file the FAFSA.

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