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Counseling and Psychology Programs at St. Lawrence University

St. Lawrence University appears in our ranking of the 50 Great Small Colleges for a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

The psychology program at St. Lawrence University includes three fields that students can choose from, which will change the courses they take. One field is evolutionary psychology, which looks at how human behavior evolved. In the applied psychology field, students do research that will help them in a graduate program. The university also offers a social and cognitive psychology track for students who want to study small groups.

Students only need to take seven courses on top of their other classes to minor in psychology. Majors must take an Introductory Psychology class and Research Methods and Applied Statistics. They will take at least one course from each psychology field and two seminars. Each seminar will ask that students do a final research project. The university allows students to do one or two internships to replace their seminars. One position is available for students who will attend grad school and allows them to do some research. The university also has internships available with a local nonprofit organization that ask students to work with children.

A neuroscience major is also available, which combines biology and psychology. It looks at how the brain develops and how that development can impact a person’s thoughts and actions. The seven core classes that all majors take include General Biology, General Chemistry, Introduction to Neuroscience and Applied Statistics. Students can choose from two tracks based on whether they want to study behavioral neuroscience or cellular and organic neuroscience. The behavioral track includes courses such as Memory and Cognition, Animal Behavior, Fundamentals of Learning and Sensation and Perception. Each course is available with or without a lab too.

The education department at St. Lawrence University offers a Master of Science (MS) in Mental Health Counseling. It has a counseling license track available for students who live and want to work in New York. Students take two years of classes and 15 credits each semester. They’ll take Theories of Counseling, Group Procedures for Counselors, Marriage and Family Counseling, Crisis Counseling and Multicultural Education and Counseling among other courses. To meet the needs for counselors in the state, the university also requires that students do 3,000 hours of clinical fieldwork and internships. They have the choice of doing fieldwork with or without taking classes that same semester.

About St. Lawrence University

St. Lawrence University is a private university named after St. Lawrence County in New York. It offers a liberal arts curriculum with chances for students to do research and internships. The university was originally founded in 1856 as a prep school that later become a theology school. Thanks to rapid growth during World War II, the college became a full university. It also added graduate programs that became popular among teachers across the state. Also known as SLU, it ranks as one of the top 200 colleges in America, according to Forbes and Wall Street Journal. Both Washington Monthly and U.S. News and World Report rank the university as one of the best liberal arts schools in the nation. The more than 70 programs available from the university helped its enrollment climb to more than 2,500 undergrads and graduate students.

Featured Programs

St. Lawrence University Accreditation Details

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) helps students get financial aid every year. SLU students at all levels can use that form because it has regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). This is the same accreditation that lets students transfer to SLU and get credit for their past classes. Some of the university’s programs have accreditation from the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) too.

St. Lawrence University Application Requirements

SLU encourages students who cannot afford the application fee to apply for a waiver before they use the application. Students can apply by the early application deadline at the beginning of November or submit an application up through the first of February. SLU will only accept the Common Application. Students need to pay a $60 application fee and submit a high school transcript, letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor and two letters of recommendation from their former or current teachers. SLU will accept a resume and/or a standardized test score too.

Students applying to the mental health counseling program need to pay a $50 application fee unless they work for St. Lawrence. The university asks for a completed application and a statement of purpose that includes three sections and four pages. They need to write about their thesis ideas, reasons for attending a liberal arts university and the leadership experience they have. SLU requires a transcript and a grade point average of 3.0 or higher as well as two letters of recommendation. Students have the option of providing a writing sample, GRE score and/or cover letter too. To take classes on the SLU campus, students need an MMR vaccination. Though the university has a priority deadline of June first for applications, it has a final deadline of August first.

Tuition and Financial Aid

SLU graduate students pay $1,173 per credit hour or $3,519 for each class they take. They also pay a $50 registration fee each semester. Students who do not have proof of health insurance coverage must purchase a plan from the university, which will cost $1,822 each year. Stafford loans are available for graduate students who submit the FAFSA. They can also qualify for PLUS and alternative loans as well as jobs through the university. SLU has a final deadline of April first for students who want to work as assistants.

Undergrads pay tuition and fees of $56,360 per year to attend SLU and fees of $395 every year. They can get a single room for $4,832 per semester or a double room for $3,940 each semester. Undergrads must also pay for a meal plan, which will cost them an extra $3,375 every semester. With financial aid packages, students can get the help they need to pay for enrollment. SLU offers scholarships based on the academic merit of students and the need they show on the FAFSA. Those who submit the FAFSA may also qualify for work-study and different government grant and loan programs. St. Lawrence University sends award letters to students in the psychology and counseling programs to show them their financial aid awards.

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