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Counseling and Psychology Programs at Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global appears in our ranking of the 10 Most Affordable Online Industrial Organizational Psychology Programs.

Purdue University Global, formerly known as Kaplan University, gives students the chance to study counseling and psychology online from anywhere in the world. Undergrads can choose from two certificate and three degree programs. Both the certificate programs accept students who already have a bachelor’s degree and allow them to study applied behavior analysis or autism spectrum disorders. Both programs have several start times each year and include courses on program evaluation and treatment options for those on the autism spectrum.

Three Bachelor of Science in Psychology programs allow students to pick concentrations or tracks in industrial and organizational psychology, addictions and applied behavior analysis. The addictions program focuses on counseling and helping others struggling with addictions. It includes courses such as Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Case Management in Clinical Settings. Students in the industrial and organizational psychology track will take other classes, including Psychology of Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Employment and Staffing, and Attitudes and Motivation in the Workplace. Autism Spectrum Disorders in Young Children, Clinical Psychology, Exceptional Needs Children and Program Design and Evaluation are among the required classes in the applied behavior analysis program.

A Master of Science in Psychology program is also available from Purdue University Global online. It includes five concentrations that allow students to pick what they want to focus on in their studies. They can choose from general psychology, applied behavior analysis, addictions, industrial and organizational psychology, and forensic psychology. Students can sit for several license and certificate exams once they graduate. Though their concentration classes will change, they’ll also take required courses that include Foundations of Professional Psychology, Life Span Development, Advanced Statistics for Psychology and Testing, Measurement and Assessment. Purdue University Global also offers certificate programs online in addictions, applied behavior analysis, and industrial and organizational psychology.

About Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is an online university closely affiliated with Purdue University. Purdue University took over the chain of for-profit schools operating in the United States under the Kaplan University name in 2018 and rebranded most of the campuses in that system. Though it closed some campuses, it kept 13 of them open and also kept the established law school running. While the system uses the Purdue University name, it operates as an independent school. Purdue took over Kaplan because it felt that some students did not have the representation and opportunities that they deserved. Students can now enroll in the university’s degree programs, regardless of whether they finished high school or attended a traditional school. Under the guidance of Purdue, the university grew to an enrollment of more than 30,000 students. It now uses the PG name and has physical campuses in seven states in the Midwest, including Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri.

Purdue University Global Accreditation Details

PG maintains the same regional accreditation that Kaplan University once had, which comes from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Not only does HLC accreditation let PG accept credits from incoming students, but it also allows the university to provide needy students with financial aid. Some of the psychology programs offered by the online university have accreditation or approval from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) or the National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission (NASAC).

Purdue University Global Application Requirements

Though PG accepts all types of students, it still has an application process that students must follow. The requirements for undergrads include that they must be at least 18 years of age and have strong English skills in both reading and writing. They will also need to make financial arrangements before the semester starts or have financial aid in place. Undergrads can apply with a high school transcript, home school transcript or a GED transcript/score. Students currently in high school can provide unofficial transcripts that list an expected date that the student will graduate. They will pay the application fee, submit an application fee and take an entrance exam. Based on the student’s grades, PG may waive this requirement.

Future PG graduate students who plan on studying psychology must also submit an application. They need to provide transcripts to the university as part of the application process. Once the university accepts them, they have until the last date of the first semester to submit their official transcripts. Official transcripts should have the name and address of the college/university attended on the front and the name of the student as well as the date the individual graduated and his or her degree. PG requires that transcripts come in sealed envelopes. Prospective students have the option of requesting information from the university and/or speaking with an academic counselor before they apply.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of earning a certificate from PG includes a base tuition rate of $371 per credit hour. Though students in the university’s online bachelor’s programs pay similar rates, their total costs will vary. It costs a maximum of $45,000 to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the university. PG places all these programs under its tuition cap, which limits the amount of money it will cost to finish a degree. Graduate students pay PG $420 per credit hour, though their total costs will depend on how many credits they bring with them. They’ll also need to pay to earn credits by exam and to have the university evaluate their transcripts.

PG offers a discount for Indiana residents that will reduce their rates to $220 per credit hour in a bachelor’s program. Graduate students get a 10% discount on all their classes too. Some of the other ways the university can help students reduce their costs are with the grants that go to students transferring from a community college and the discount it offers for military students. There are also two scholarships available.

All incoming PG students can apply for financial aid too. Once they submit the FAFSA, the university will process the form and ask them to go online and fill out the direct loan entrance counseling program. This program explains the loan process and shows them how they will pay off their loans. They can also sign their promissory notes online and view any other financial aid they get. Any student signing up for one of the Purdue University Global psychology or counseling degree programs can qualify for financial aid.

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