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Counseling and Psychology Programs Offered at John F. Kennedy University

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Through the College of Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, students can earn degrees in both counseling and psychology. The university offers a 120-credit hour Bachelor of Arts in Psychology that gives students the knowledge needed to study clinical psychology or another advanced subject in graduate school. This online program accepts transfer students from community colleges and offers concentrations in industrial and organizational psychology, criminal justice and early childhood education.

The university’s Master of Arts in Consciousness and Transformative Studies was the first program of its type established in the nation. Students can enroll in an online, traditional or hybrid version of the program as they look at the link between human consciousness and action. The university encourages students to choose from set concentrations or to design a concentration of their own, including dream studies or coaching. Students take at least two classes each semester over three years and spend a final semester completing a thesis. The courses include Professional Identity: Life Purpose, Shamanic Traditions, and Diversity, Community and Leadership.

Sport psychology majors can choose between a certificate and a Master of Arts program and enroll in a combined program. The combined program helps students transition between the graduate and doctoral programs as they study sports psychology over six years. This program includes multiple fieldwork components where students work with teams and individual athletes in complexes and facilities. They’ll also do a dissertation and present their final work before taking an oral exam and defending their thesis work. John F. Kennedy University also requires that these students take exams to prove that they can make the transition to the doctoral level.

The university also offers a Master of Arts in Counseling and an MA in Counseling with an emphasis on holistic counseling. In the holistic program, students learn how to help their clients through natural remedies rather than drugs. Many of the students in these programs complete the university’s trauma studies certificate, which teaches them how trauma can affect individuals in different ways. There is a Doctor of Psychology program available from the university that focuses on clinical psychology and a Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis that looks at how certain methods and actions can change the way people think.

About John F. Kennedy University

John F. Kennedy University is a private university named after the former American President of the same name. Established in 1965 as a college that catered to nontraditional students, it has its headquarters in Pleasant Hill, California. Many of its original students had spent years working before going back to school, and the university offered convenient programs that made it easy for them to earn their degrees. Though it now has an affiliation with National University, it continues operating as a separate institution.

Also called JFKU, the university consists of three separate colleges that offer both traditional and unique degree programs. Its holistic psychology program is one of the only graduate programs in the country that teach students natural methods of healing. Students in the university’s counseling and other programs can gain experience working in one of its three counseling centers. JFKU offers other service learning opportunities that help students gain work experience.

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John F. Kennedy University Accreditation Details

The clinical psychology doctoral program offered by JFKU has accreditation from the American Psychological Association (APA). This type of accreditation covers the fieldwork and practicums that students do as they work with patients too. With accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), JFKU can give all of its students financial aid packages when they use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and accept their transfer credits.

John F. Kennedy University Application Requirements

It takes only four steps for undergrads to apply for admissions and start a program. They will start with the JFKU application, which asks for some basic information. A representative from the university will then contact the student. This usually occurs within 24 hours of the student finishing the application, and some students may get a call the same day. They will need to provide their transcripts and other documents, which can include a writing sample, resume or personal essay. JFKU then asks that students apply for financial aid and talk to the head of the department.

Graduate students must follow the same steps, including filling out the JFKU application and talking to a representative on the phone. They will need to have a bachelor’s degree and a transcript that shows what subject they studied in college and when they earned that degree. Though the university accepts transfer students, it requires that they do at least 70% of the work needed for their degrees at JFKU. Transfer students must provide transcripts and let the university evaluate their records. Students applying to the doctoral program should submit their applications by the preferred deadline of January first. JFKU also requires a personal statement of up to four pages, three letters of recommendation and a resume. Prospective students must also submit an academic paper written in a college or graduate school program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost that students pay to attend JFKU starts at $500 per credit hour for bachelor’s students. This is the same rate that graduate students pay in a certificate program. Those in a full graduate degree program will pay $680 per credit hour, which is the same rate they pay when doing practicums and other types of fieldwork. The cost for doctoral students starts at $860 per credit hour for their classes. They also pay a $217 fee each time that they do an internship or practicum.

Completing the FAFSA helps all types of students qualify for federal aid, including grants and both subsidized and unsubsidized student loans. This form also helps students learn about the scholarships offered by JFKU. Any student enrolled full-time in a degree program can qualify for a scholarship. The Yellow Ribbon Scholarship matches the funds that military students get from the GI Bill, while the Pipeline Grant Scholarship awards a $1,000 prize to any student from a set cultural group. All of the financial aid packages offered by John F. Kennedy University for psychology majors will help bridge the gap between what students can afford and their total costs.

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