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Psychology Degrees at CUNY School of Professional Studies

The CUNY School of Professional Studies appears in our ranking of the 10 Most Affordable Online Developmental Psychology Online Programs.

The CUNY School of Professional Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program for undergrads who want to earn their degrees online. Though it includes courses in a variety of psychology subjects, the program requires that students choose an emphasis area. They can choose from organizational psychology, psychopathology or psychological development. This emphasis area will dictate some of the courses that they take. Psychology majors must take required courses, including Developmental Psychology, Statistical Methods, Introduction to Research Methods and Learning and Cognition. Students will also do a senior project, which is similar to a thesis.

There is a Master of Arts in Psychology program for online graduate students too. This program features emphasis areas in organizational psychology and developmental psychology. The developmental track looks at how humans grow and change from birth to death, while the organizational track focuses on the ways in which people act and behave at work. Students must take Advanced Statistics and Advanced Research Methods in Psychology. They will also take the five courses that create the psychology core, including Psychopathology, Cognitive Psychology and Learning and Theories of Personality. Psychology majors must take a course that helps them pick a capstone topic and do some research on that topic before they actually create a senior capstone.

Though the CUNY School of Professional Studies only offers two psychology degree programs, it offers some certificate programs that can go along with those degrees. One is a certificate in youth studies that looks at how individuals can work with children and younger people. It features courses such as Youth Development and Historical Perspectives on Adolescence. The school’s disability studies certificate program helps students learn about the different types of disabilities that people have and how they can work with those individuals in the field.

About CUNY School of Professional Studies

The City University of New York (CUNY) operates several campuses in and around New York City. One of those campuses is the CUNY School of Professional Studies, which is a branch that primarily offers degree programs in professional and pre-professional fields. Established in 2003, CUNY opened the school because its board of trustees wanted one campus that would meet the needs of the millions of working adults who lived in the NYC area. This was the first campus in the CUNY system to offer fully online degree programs. Prior to those programs launching, CUNY only offered online classes.

Also called CUNY SPS, it has a campus in Manhattan that allows local students to take classes and gain access to the full resources of the school. Students can also use resources on other CUNY campuses. The school now offers more than 10 degree programs for bachelor’s students and around the same number of master’s programs. Some of those programs are only available online such as its Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The school also worked with local employers to create training programs to meet the needs of local companies. CUNY SPS has an enrollment of more than 2,000 students seeking full degrees and a few hundred certificate students.

CUNY School of Professional Studies Accreditation Details

The CUNY School of Professional Studies has accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), which allows it to design college programs and award degrees to those who meet the requirements of any of its programs. As this is regional accreditation, it also allows the school to accept credits from other schools and to give financial aid packages to its students. The New York State Education Department granted approval to the school too.

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CUNY School of Professional Studies Application Requirements

CUNY SPS is not a full college or university. It does not offer the lower level or general education classes that other schools do. CUNY established this campus to help students who already went to college go back to school and finish their studies. Prospective undergrads must have at least 24 credits that they can transfer to the school from another college. They will also need to have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. The school will accept up to 90 credits into its psychology and other undergrad programs. Prospective undergrads will submit the CUNY PSP application, pay a $70 fee and submit their college transcripts. These students must also have strong math, writing and science skills.

Prospective graduate students must have a bachelor’s degree and a college GPA of 3.0 or higher. The school will look at both the cumulative GPA and the GPA in the student’s major. They must graduate from a college or university with regional accreditation too. Psychology majors will complete the application and pay the application fee, but they will also submit official transcripts and two letters of recommendation. CUNY SPS also asks for a resume and a personal essay.

Tuition and Financial Aid

CUNY SPS offers affordable tuition for students today. It has a graduate tuition rate of $455 per credit hour, which makes it one of the most affordable schools in the northeast. Undergrads pay $295 per credit hour. The school does not offer room and board packages because it does not have on-campus housing, but it does charge students a small amount in fees each semester.

More than 80% of undergrads who attend the school graduate with no student loan debt. Many students qualify for one of the scholarships offered by the school or one of the scholarships awarded to any CUNY student. Part-time students can qualify for a $500 dean’s scholarship, while full-time students can get a $1,500 dean’s scholarship. The seven other scholarships available can give students a few hundred dollars each year or cover their entire tuition. Some programs only award funding to students in specific majors and programs, including nursing and acting.

Both undergraduate and graduate students can apply for traditional aid when attending CUNY SPS too. Graduate students can get up to $20,500 each year to complete a degree program, though those in a certificate program usually do not qualify for student loans. There are alternative loan programs available for those who want to borrow more and those who do not qualify for government loans. The CUNY School of Professional Studies can help students set up payment plans when they enroll in the undergrad psychology program or any other program too.

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