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Psychology an Counseling Programs Available at Carlos Albizu University

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Carlos Albizu University offers degree programs in psychology and counseling for students just starting out and those who want to advance their studies. A Bachelor of Science in Psychology program prepares students for working in different fields of psychology and for enrolling in graduate school. The university knows that students have different goals, which is why it offers seven concentrations in this program, including child psychology, cross-cultural studies, case management studies, and gay and lesbian studies. Other concentrations are available in health psychology, forensic psychology and applied behavior analysis.

At the graduate level, the university offers a Master of Science in Psychology with concentrations in mental health counseling, school counseling, and marriage and family therapy. The marriage and family therapy concentration helps students complete licensing requirements in Florida. It includes classes such as General Theories of Family Systems and Psychology, Family Therapy: Theory and Practice and Individual and Family Assessment and Appraisal. Most of these programs offer traditional daytime classes and both evening and weekend courses.

The university also offers Master of Science (MS) programs in different areas of psychology such as industrial and organizational psychology. This program focuses on how professionals can change the way employees work and make their jobs/lives better. The MS in school psychology program prepares students for counseling children as young as kindergarten and working with students up through high school. There is also an MS program available in clinical counseling for those who want to work with patients. The industrial and organizational psychology program is the only one available from the university for online students.

Those who successfully complete a graduate program can apply to one of the university’s doctoral programs. Doctor of Philosophy programs offer students the choice of studying three different subjects: clinical psychology, general psychology or individual and organizational psychology. The general psychology program has an emphasis on research, teaching and consulting. Clinical psychology majors can choose between the university’s Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Psychology programs. The courses that doctoral students take include Theories of Learning and Motivation, History and Systems of Psychology and Theory of Test and Test Construction. Doctoral students will also do several practicums and take two exams before doing their internships. The university then lets students focus on their dissertations.

About Carlos Albizu University

Carlos Albizu University is a private university that uses the names CAU and Albizu University. Established in 1966 by a single doctor, it opened with one campus in Puerto Rico. That doctor believed that there was a strong need for a college that offered training in clinical psychology. Many of its first students spent time on the campus during the summer and the rest of the year working in the United States. It became the Puerto Rico Institute of Psychology and spawned the Miami Institute of Psychology. Those two institutes would come together to form CAU in the 2000s. Students can earn their degrees on the campuses in San Juan or Puerto Rico, though a small number of online programs are also available. Most of the programs available from the university are in education, psychology, and human services fields.

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Carlos Albizu University Accreditation Details

The main accreditation held by CAU is the regional accreditation it has, which comes from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). MSCHE accreditation is important for students who have credits they want to transfer to the university and for those who to get financial aid. CAU established a committee that is responsible for maintaining the standards necessary for accreditation.

Carlos Albizu University Application Requirements

To apply to any of the psychology or counseling graduate and doctoral programs, students must create online accounts, which will show them all the requirements they need to meet. Those applying to the Miami campus must submit a supplemental form. The university has a similar form for those applying to the San Juan campus. They will also pay a $50 application fee. All graduate psychology programs require official transcripts, three letters of recommendation, a resume and a statement of purpose. Immunization records are required for students attending the Miami campus too. The university requires records at least 90 days before the semester starts. CAU gives priority to graduate students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and doctoral students with a GPA of 3.25 or higher. Doctoral students will also need to submit an official GRE score.

The university does not have as many requirements for prospective undergrads. Those students can submit the CAU application online and pay a $25 fee. The university charges a $25 transfer fee for students bringing credits with them, which covers the cost of evaluating their transcripts. Students not bringing in college credits must provide high school transcripts. The university gives preference to future undergrads with a GPA of at least 2.0. Undergrads applying to the Miami campus must also submit their immunization records too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The Miami campus of CAU charges a flat rate of $323 per credit hour for undergrads, regardless of whether they are Florida residents. Full-time students pay $4,148 each semester, which covers the cost of taking 12 credits and paying all of the university’s fees. Graduate students in any of the psychology programs will pay $620 per credit hour. A full-time student will pay $7,762 per semester for tuition and fees. Doctoral students pay between $800 and $825 per credit hour for their classes, which will bring their totals with fees to between $9,922 and $10,222 each semester.

Once CAU receives an application, it will notify the student and send information on how to apply for financial aid. Nearly 80% of CAU students receive aid, which can include university aid and aid from the government. All of the loans and most of the grants that students get come from either the federal or the state government. Grants and scholarships can come from CAU too. One scholarship comes from the state and gives students an award based on their high school grades and official test scores. Other scholarships go to students based on the need they show on their financial aid applications. Students applying to any of the psychology or counseling degree programs offered by Carlos Albizu University should apply for aid, even if they think they do not qualify.

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