Online Clinical Psychology Degree

online clinical psychology degree

There are countless benefits that await graduates of an Online Clinical Psychology Degree program. Clinical psychology is not only a well-paying career, but it is also stable, secure and in-demand. There is a good future ahead for clinical psychologists, and an Online Clinical Psychology Degree is a great option for people who are interested in mental pathology.

There are many Online Clinical Psychology Degree programs available at both the master’s and doctoral levels. The master’s degree may be completed in two to three years while the doctorate degree may be obtained in three to seven years. These programs may require more than one short on-campus residency period. Generally, students are required to complete an internship and capstone. They are also required to take exams and write a dissertation or thesis.

In order to become a clinical psychologist, one has to complete an accredited graduate program that grants a doctoral degree. It can either be a doctor of psychology or a doctor of philosophy in psychology. This route takes five years to complete. During the program, students learn about the nature of the human mind, how to provide psychological aid, and how to conduct empirical research. The master’s degree covers subjects like clinical assessment and treatment, neuropsychology, ethical standards, psychopathology, research and writing and psychometrics. Meanwhile, the doctoral degree has different concentrations like forensic psychology, child therapy and health psychology.

How to Find the Top Online Clinical Psychology Degree Programs

The best online clinical psychology degree programs come from top schools. It is highly recommended to enroll at an accredited university in order to ensure a quality education and a greater edge in the employment world. Doing research is the best way to find the best clinical psychology degrees. There are many programs available today, and choosing the best one for you can be challenging.

The University of the Rockies is among the top ranking schools offering online clinical psychology programs. What makes the school appealing to students is the high-quality education that is similar to their on-campus programs. Students can take advantage of the support provided such as a bookstore, library resources, advising and tutoring. It offers a doctor of psychology with a mental health administration specialization.

Walden University also offers one of the best online clinical psychology degree programs at both the doctoral and master’s level. Walden has high academic standards and a rigorous curriculum. The school has experienced faculty who can prepare students to achieve their goals and become successful clinical psychologists.

Featured Programs

The clinical psychology degree programs from Argosy University are another great option. The school offers a doctorate of psychology in clinical psychology. There is also an master’s degree in clinical psychology. Argosy has experienced and qualified instructors. The class hours are designed for individuals who wish to work and study at the same time.

Some schools offer scholarships and financial aid for students who cannot afford their education. There are also other options available like the federal Stafford student loan program that clinical psychology students may qualify for. These loans can either be subsidized or unsubsidized, and they are only awarded based on financial need. Loans can be as much as $18,500 per year. Applicants must take at least five credit hours.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals with an Online Clinical Psychology Degree

Online clinical psychology salaries are competitive. However, they may vary depending on the individual’s geographic location, years of experience, education and many other factors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, clinical psychologists who work in the offices of other health practitioners earn a median salary of $68,400. Meanwhile, those who work in counseling, clinical and school psychology may earn up to $64,140.


There are quite a lot of options for online clinical psychology degree careers. Graduates may work as private practitioners. Some may work in hospitals, mental health centers, physician’s offices, substance abuse centers, law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities and other public organizations. Online clinical psychology degree graduates will continue to be in-demand professionals.

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