Online Christian Counseling Psychology Degree

Online Christian Counseling Psychology Degree

Obtaining an online Christian counseling psychology degree can be a great option for anyone would would like to work as a counselor or therapist. Christian counselors provide a wide assortment of different services, working with individuals who would like a Biblical perspective when working to confront specific obstacles and challenges in their lives. Many Christian counselors work with young couples, counseling them before they enter into a marriage relationship. Others focus on working with individuals who are struggling to beat addictions or overcome difficult situations, providing valuable insight and support from a Biblical perspective.

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Many of those who decide to be come Christian counselors have previously experienced the support and encouragement provided by such individuals, and would like to offer the same gift to others. Those who make the best counselors are generally mature Christians who feel comfortable sharing their faith with others, and encouraging those who are struggling to find the right answers. A good candidate for a Christian counseling program should be caring and sympathetic, but also able to offer sound advice and positive input. This will help to ensure that those who seek assistance find information that can help them along their personal journey.

How To Find The Top Online Christian Counseling Psychology Degree Programs

Many of the best online Christian counseling psychology degrees are offered by theological institutions, allowing Christian scholars to teach the tenants of their faith to students. The best online Christian counseling psychology degrees are certified through organizations like the National Christian Counselor Association. Many of the accredited degrees offered through such programs are not Associate or Bachelors degrees, but instead certifications. Those interested in receiving a traditional degree might want to seek out high ranking institutions that also offer bachelor and associates programs in domains such as ministry or psychology.

RMCM Ministries offers one popular Christian counseling degree program. Flexible courses are one of the biggest advantages of the program, as it allows students to complete work on their own time schedule. Certifications are provided by the NCCA. Liberty University, the popular liberal arts school started by evangelist Jerry Falwell, offers online correspondence classes for those looking to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Christian Counseling. This is a great solution for students who would like to obtain a traditional degree, while receiving counseling specific instruction.

Financial aid varies greatly from institution to institution. Scholarships may be available at some schools, though many do not offer them. Those studying for a Bachelor of Science through an accredited school, such as the program offered through Liberty University, are eligible for federal aid benefits that could help to reduce the overall cost of tuition.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With an Online Christian Counseling Psychology Degree

After earning an Online Christian Counseling Psychology Degree, most Christian counselors choose to open their own practices, working directly with individuals who are seeking Christian instruction. As the need for Christian counseling is relatively high in comparison to the number of counselors available, some online Christian counseling psychology degree salaries may be higher than the average. Those looking for an online Christian counseling psychology degree can expect to earn around $40,000 – $50,000 annually, with practitioners operating in their own offices sometimes earning as much as twice that. This makes obtaining an online Christian counseling psychology degree a viable financial option for those considering such work.

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