Psychology degrees are popular with people in all sorts of career fields, and with the expansion of online degree programs, an online psychology degree is a great option for individuals interested in the field but with limitations on their time to achieve a traditional degree. In addition to those interested in pursuing a career in the field of psychology proper, many people who work in heavily people-related jobs such as human resources, marketing, and sales have psychology degrees.

Our mission is to provide prospective psychology students with resources they need to make good decisions about their education and career choices. In providing detailed information about college and university psychology degree programs, we focus on institutions that are accredited by major accrediting bodies. Prospective students are urged verify the accreditation status of any institution they consider attending.

There are a significant variety of online psychology degree programs available to students today – degrees at all levels and in all concentrations found in traditional campus-based offerings. Our information focuses on degrees in the following areas, to name a few.

  • Child Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Christian Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology (see our resource on Online Forensic Psychology Degree Programs)
  • Sports Psychology
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology

We also provide links and resources to other websites that we think are helpful to prospective psychology students and psychology professionals alike.

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Listing of Online Psychology Degree Programs

Pursuing an online psychology degree removes some obstacles such as relocation problems or another job. The 10 schools below are listed in alphabetical order and offer details about online Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology, online Master’s in Psychology degrees, and Ph.D. programs. All programs are accredited, well-respected among peers, and offer a comparable curriculum to many campus-based psychology degree programs.

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Argosy University

Argosy University employs the Socrates method of distance teaching and has a large online graduate student enrollment. The school offers both a Bachelor of Arts and an Associate of Arts online psychology degree through their undergraduate program. They also offer three  Masters of Arts programs in different fields of psychology and two Doctor of Education degrees in psychological fields. Tuition is $561 per unit for undergraduates, $721 per credit at the master’s level and $930 per credit for the doctoral programs.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University provides several different ways to complete your degree including cohort and traditional methods delivered via the Internet. The school offers two bachelor’s degrees in psychology, one B.S. and one B.A. There is also an M.S. in clinical counseling. Undergraduate online tuition is $370 per credit and tuition is $485 per credit for the masters program.

Capella University

Capella has a high satisfaction rate with 90-95 percent of students recommending the university to others and stating they are happy with their experience. The school offers a general B.S. in psychology as well as an M.S. in psychology with eleven possible concentrations. The doctoral program offers two PsyD programs and a PhD in psychology with four concentrations. Tuition for an online psychology degree at Capella is $290 per lower-division undergraduate credit, $350 per upper-division credit, $430 per master’s degree credit and $495 per doctoral unit credit.

Grand Canyon University

GCU is consistently rated as one of America’s best 100 small colleges. It offers a B.S. in psychology and an M.S. with two possible emphases. There is also a PhD in general psychology with four emphases. Tuition is $465 per credit for undergraduate online psychology degree courses, $495 per credit for M.S. courses and $630 per credit for doctoral programs.

Northcentral University

NCU offers a faculty-mentored approach to learning. They have B.A. and M.A. programs in psychology as well as a PhD program in psychology. Tuition toward an online psychology degree  is $397, $675 and $793 per credit hour, respectively.

Wake Forest University

WFU is a small college with a high faculty to student ratio. They offer two counseling M.S. degrees online, one in school counseling and one in clinical mental health. Both options cost $1181 per unit.

Walden University

WU was created to be a correspondence school and has more than 40 years of experience offering distance learning graduate degrees. The school currently offers general psychology B.S., M.S. and PhD programs. There are also numerous specializations and several certificate programs available. Tuition is $290 per quarter unit for B.S. students, $445 per hour for masters students and $485-$515 per unit for PhD students.

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix offers online and on-campus programs. Available online psychology degree programs include an A.A. with a concentration in psychology and B.S. and M.S. programs in psychology. The A.A. costs $395 per credit, the B.S. costs $585 per credit hour, and the M.S. tuition is $740 per credit hour.

University of North Carolina

UNC online offers programs based at all 16 prestigious campuses in the state. The online psychology degree program in psychology offered is a B.S. through Fayetteville State University. Tuition is based on state residency and is $87 per unit for residents and $449 per unit for non-residents. All lower-division coursework must be completed on campus or at another school.

University of Southern California

USC opened in 1880, before Los Angeles had paved roads. The school offers only graduate-level online psychology degree programs including the Masters of Social Work. The program costs $1,473 per unit for 1-14 units per semester or a flat rate of $21,861 for students enrolled in 15-18 units.